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7 week old sister pigs fighting after vegetables


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Oct 11, 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi i have recently got 2 7 week sow pig sisters (Luna & Solaris) and every time after eating their vegetables they start squeaking alot and rumbling at each other. I have had them for a week and they sleep together and are fine otherwise. It is just after they eat. They are housed in a 6x2 c&c cage and have 2 hides each and 2 water bottles and 2 food dishes so i dont know as to why they are doing this. I hope someone could help me?

Seeing dominance behaviours is normal (rumbling is a normal dominance behaviour; squeaking from a submissive piggy is called submission squeaking and is a good behaviour to see - it means the lower ranking piggy accepts their position and is letting the dominant piggy know that). These behaviours are not fighting.
They are in a period of sorting out their relationship and hierarchy.

Its best if you can feed them at opposite ends of the cage or at least one body length apart. Scatter feeding their veg and pellets (not using bowls at all) can help as it means one cannot hog food and it is also enrichment as they have to forage for their food.

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I scatter feed pellets and veg and my piggies love finding their food. I have a blind piggie and it's great stimulation for her.