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fighting females

  1. D

    Female bonding advice?

    I recently lost 2 of my 3 guinea pigs within 3 months of each other (they were both 4 years old). My third piggy (Chino, female aged 2) was alone and I couldn't bear her being lonely, So I got her a friend (Treacle, female rescue who had also recently lost her cage mate). Not sure of this new...
  2. G

    Guinea pigs needing separation?

    Hi everyone I have had these two female guinea pigs for a week now. The Californian is 3 months and the crown head is 8 months. They previously lived together on a farm with a larger group of females. I have noticed some behaviour from this since having them, mainly when they are in their bed, I...
  3. P

    Very Aggressive Female

    Hello. I REALLY need some help. I've had guinea pigs for many years now, and never had any issues with aggression. The most recent addition to my pig family has unfortunately changed that. As time passes she just keeps becoming more aggressive, and I don't know what to do. I've looked everywhere...
  4. lilpumpkamo

    Anyone know what this behavior is? It sometimes can look like Moose (mom) is kicking Coco (baby). It's putting everyone on edge.

    See title. Moose has been kicking and throwing her butt and her baby recently. I have never seen this behavior before in any of my other guinea pigs. Should I separate them?
  5. Ssalter05

    7 week old sister pigs fighting after vegetables

    Hi i have recently got 2 7 week sow pig sisters (Luna & Solaris) and every time after eating their vegetables they start squeaking alot and rumbling at each other. I have had them for a week and they sleep together and are fine otherwise. It is just after they eat. They are housed in a 6x2 c&c...
  6. plantandpiggiemom

    two new piggies, one is being a bully

    Hello all, I haven’t had piggies in several years and since before they were owned by my family, I’ve never had two, but I’ve raised several. Three weeks ago, my partner and I got two young females who were close in age (maybe a few weeks apart) and from the same place, but hadn’t interacted...
  7. Ksb123

    Guinea pig has white flaky ear and it’s now bleeding.

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on here so please let me know if I’m leaving anything out. I live in Scotland, I got 2 female guinea pigs from my local pet shop about 11 days ago. They said they were both around 9-10 weeks when I got them, although they do not look like they are from the same...
  8. J

    Sows fighting

    I originally had 4 rescue females and 2 turned out to be pregnant having 3 babies each, 3 boys and 3 girls. So I now have a trio of boys and a herd of 7 girls. The herd of 7 girls live in a 2 by 11 c & c cage on aubiose covered in copious amounts of hay, and have lots of hides and enrichment...
  9. chesneypig


    I have 2 girl 👧 guinea pigs. One is probably around 5 her name is pumpkin pie and the other one is less than a year old and her name is Sundae. When they were fighting over dominance Pumpkin would like hit her with her nose and Sundae would squeak at the top of her lungs 🫁. Was it hurting her...
  10. S

    my two young sows are fighting

    i have two female guinea pigs (called Alby and Birch) who i've had for nearly two weeks now. they are from the same litter and are both just over a month old. they're still in the process of bonding however i think they got in a bit of an argument whilst i was asleep and Birch now has a cut on...
  11. Hnrpiggies

    Guinea pigs have started fighting.. is their cage too small?

    4 females in the cage, one of which is pregnant. It is the pregnant pig starting the fights and I don’t know if their cage is too small or if it’s just because she is pregnant. They’ve been together for as long as I’ve had them without any issues but since this one got pregnant (accidentally...
  12. sundaepig

    help! guinea pigs hate eachother

    i used to have two girls, butterscotch and cashew. cashew was always the shy, submissive one of the two. unfortunately butterscotch passed away a few months ago and my city only seemed to have pairs up for adoption and i didnt have a big enough space for 3. well that changed and i have a...
  13. Milpal13

    Help I think my guinea pig is bullying her cage mate?!

    Hey everyone! I’m looking for some advice :) I’ve got 2 baby girl guinea pigs, 6 months old. One of them, Phinny, is extremely confident whereas Peanut is still very shy around humans. They’ve been getting on well, a few scraps here and there but not properly fighting. This last week however...
  14. I

    Aggressive female piggy!

    Hey, I have two female piggies who are both almost 4 years old called Pippa and Jo. We got Jo first and she is a few months older but, while Pippa has always been the quieter and more nervous piggy, they have always got on together well. Yesterday while I was cleaning the cage however, Jo...
  15. ellapuke

    Pigs fighting, please help.

    I have 2 guinea pigs (females) . One is 2 years old and the other is 1 years old. They have a big cage and are taken care of regularly . They have lived together for 4-6 months and there was no fighting. But one day when i was sleeping i heard really loud noises of them fighting, so i separated...
  16. Tinychels

    Mom guinea pig fights with her two three month old daughters

    Hello! A while back, I've made a thread on my mom guinea pig Akira, who bit her son when he was one week old. I was told that it was normal, that it was just her way of "spanking" him and how she's the superior of the group. It's been a few months now since then, and I have Akira with her two...
  17. Rye1493

    Fighting female guinea pigs

    I have had my two guinea pigs for about 2.5 years now. About 4 weeks ago we rescued 2 more female guinea pigs. The pigs have been in separate c&c cages placed next to each other for the last 4 weeks. We bought a conecting panel with a ramp to connect the cages. When we did this. One of my...
  18. Beans&Toast

    Opinions On Spaying As A Preventative Measure

    I'm looking at having Maple spayed but I'd like some opinions first. I'm thinking about this because when Maple comes into season, Beans becomes very aggressive with her and bullies her to the point where she doesn't eat or move, Beans corners and will attack her (biting and lunging) and I...
  19. Beccalouise986

    Bonded Females Fighting Help!

    Helloo! I have 2 bonded females (not sisters) who have been together for 3 years. All of a sudden this morning they have started fighting. They have 2 of everything (food Bowles, arches, tubes) so there’s shouldn’t be any fighting over space as they live in a huge space, they’ve never really...
  20. S

    Two Females Fighting I’m Heartbroken!

    Ok so I have had one female for about 8 months and a month ago got another young female for her. Fina is about 9 months old and Phoebe is about 3 months. I introduced the correctly on neutral grounds a few times before housing they together. Fina immediately established herself as the dominant...