1. I

    Eye troubles

    Hi I am a new owner of skinny pigs I have 3 ! They are all amazing and I'm loving getting to know them and this forum has been such a help ! Two days after bringing them home we noticed one had a lot of sleep I'm his eye and he was favouring the other and we clean it for him and kept an eye on...
  2. T


    Hello, I'm posting this thread on behalf of my customer who has 2 guinea pigs who isn't sure what to do next and neither am I. I've got 10 guinea pigs of my own and used this forum in the past. One of the guinea pig foot has been swollen for some time now (a month or two). The owner took him...
  3. A

    Urgent Enquiry: Vet needed in/near Leeds

    Sorry to be spamming this request but I urgently need a recommended vet, preferably in Leeds. The vet locator on this forum is out of date and Sergio Silvetti no longer works at Holly House, Leeds. I am wondering if anyone knows of a vet they could recommend in or around the Leeds area or...
  4. A

    Recommend a vet in Leeds area?

    Segio Silvetti - as recommended on Vet Locator - at Holly House vets, no longer works in West Yorkshire. Any other suggestions of a Cavy savvy vet that comes with a recommendation else I shall have to take pot luck.... Thanks for any help.
  5. coco&chanel

    Severe Pneumonia Help

    Hello, My Guinea pig Tommy looked to be struggling with his breathing last November, so I took him to the vets. The vet said he had a sore throat(?!) and gave me Baytril 2.5% to give him 0.4ml twice daily. I did this, and he seemed to improve. Since then his breathing has been getting...
  6. Wizzy

    Recommended Vets Around Kent/east Sussex

    hiya, So I’ve been taking my guinea pigs to pets at home vets, but I really don’t think they’re very good. Have looked at the recommended vets near me, but my mum says they are all either to far or to expensive. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the vets at pets at home, or...
  7. S

    Is Vets4pets Any Good For Guinea Pigs?

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone has ever gone to vets4pets as I'm thinking of bringing my guinea pig there if need be. just wondering if they are competent guinea pig vets or if they just specialize in cats and dogs etc. If anyone can more specifically tell me of their experience at the old Kent...
  8. C

    Lump On My Guinea Pig- Help

    I noticed a small lump on my guinea pig this week, thankfully I work at a vets and was able to take her in for a check up which the vet then noticed a grape size lump which is more internal than the small one. I’m pretty sure the small one was 9mm and the bigger one was 22mm so around 2 cm. the...
  9. C

    Guinea Pig Is In Pain?

    Hi everyone! This is my first post, I have come here because one of my female piggies is in.. pain? Yesterday evening I went to feed my pigs when I noticed that Saffron (the piggie) was face down in a corner making a sort of sad squeak noise I instantly panicked and brought her inside examined...
  10. piggie.slave

    Scabby Lump?

    Hi, I was cleaning out the pigs today when I noticed that he had a rough bum, when I had a look he has a scabby like raised lump. He is a 3 year old sheltie male, that lives with another male, they get on most of the time, have a few squabbles but never drawn blood, I will attach photos, an...
  11. Siikibam

    Flea And Worm Treatment

    I was sent a message by the vets saying the boys are due for flea and worm treatment. Is it necessary?
  12. Bella123

    Advice On Vets In Birmingham Area.

    Hi, I was wondering if any one has used the following vets in Birmingham for guinea pigs? Vets for pets/ Pets at home - Chapal Lane, Selly Oak White cross vets - Alcester Road South, Kings Heath, Oaks Veterinary centre - Watford rd, near Cotteridge. Pdsa - St matthews rd, Oldbury Rspca -...
  13. CDRVN

    Uti Guidance For My Boy Errol

    Hello! This is my first post! I am an RVN in the UK and recently one of my vets at work took a look at my piggie. He's lost 105g in 1 month, he has been 1.000kg for 2 years (give or take 20g!) and now he is 0.895kg. He has also been drinking a lot! My vet prescribed Septrin (trimethoprim...
  14. Peanut&Butter

    Taking The Pigs To The Vets

    Hi everyone, Butter seems to be sneezing and a little wheezy. I suspect it is a URI, which is what the vet seemed to think she had a few months a go. I have seen her eating and popcorning in her clean cage last night, but of course I am taking her to the vets so they can medicate her properly...
  15. kara02


    I was wondering how often I should take my piggie to the vets? I've got a dog too and he goes for 6 month checkups but I'm unsure at how often I should take my piggie if at all.
  16. Dannii clayton

    Recommended Neutering Vets - Liverpool

    I'm planning on getting my boar neutered so he can go in with the three females. I'm currently located in Liverpool and wondering if anyone can recommend any vets highly experienced in neutering guinea pigs. I'm really worried about the complications so want the most experienced vets possible...
  17. Guineapigfeet

    Weight Loss Worries

    Worried about my Chewie, I weigh them every Saturday and this week she dropped by 48g to 800g. Both the others dropped a bit too, but only about 10g, so I'm not concerned. Weighed her again this morning and she'd dropped a couple of g but nothing major and weighed her again this evening and...
  18. A

    Guinea Has Mange, Vet No Help :(

    Hello, my guinea Millie (5 years old) has had mange for a while now (about 2 months). She has lost quite a bit of fur now and I'm quite worried about her. Her son Harvey lives with her, but he has no signs of it. She has been treated with Xeno 450 spot on (with ivermectin) from the vets (£75!)...
  19. Elgifu321

    Steroid Injection To Help Weight Gain? Also Anesthetic For Dental?

    Ive posted before about Oswyn (said: Oz-win) my 4 yo piggy. Hes having issues with his teeth- or at least suspected issues inc drooling and severe weight loss and my usual vet didn't seem very confident so I switched vets to one recommended on here.. I went to rose cottage vets in Runcorn today...
  20. Elgifu321

    Guinea Pig Specialists In The North West?

    I have 2 male guinea pigs that are about four years old, Oswyn (pronounced: Oz-win) and Rupert and both have generally been healthy up to now- in fact the only time I can remember visiting the vets with them was when I found a wart on Ruperts bum It's harmless though but better to be safe than...