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vitamin c supplements

  1. Lilythepig2017

    Vitamin C Question: Dr Recommends 20mg. Too Much?

    EDIT: sorry title is supposed to say “20mg on top of red pepper. Is it too much?” Sorry for typo so I think I read guinea pigs just need 30mg of C to stave off ill health from vitamin C deficiency. Today I served her 28 grams of red pepper which has 35 mg of C. The vet gave me though at our...
  2. C


    Hi! I recently got a guinea pig (Cream is her name) from a friend who could no longer support it. She said that she would give Cream these vitamin C drops that had yogurt in them. She said that they work great for getting vitamin c to the guinea pig, but a lot of websites that I've been to say...
  3. M

    How Often Should I Fed Vitamin C Supplements?

    First, let me introduce myself. I'm Morgan. I own 3 hamsters and I will soon own 2 Guinea pigs. On July 23. My black Guinea pig is Lola (about 2.5 y/o)and my brown-white crested GP is Daisy (same age as Lola, about). I have a male Syrian hamster named Peanut (about 3 year. 4 mo.) who is BEAUTIFUL...