1. Rivendellelf

    Post op piggie help

    Hi, I just needed some advice on my piggie who had an op on Thursday to remove an abscess. Thursday night, I syringe fed her through the night. She made it through and then began to start tiny amounts of food herself on Friday. Ate quite well and I stopped the syringe feeding. Saturday- she had...
  2. L

    Water bottles

    Hi, I’m looking for some water bottle recommendations in the uk. I’ve just recently got the pets at home glass water bottle and I’m finding it quite problematic. I’ve switched from the ferplast plastic bottle as it was leaking really badly, I had multiple of those and it didn’t matter they all...
  3. Squid's Mom

    Daily Critical Care?

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and I have an 8 week old guinea pig named Squid. He had a rough entry into my life as I got him and his brother, Triscuit, from Petco only to have Triscuit cough up blood and die 4 days later. Needless to say Squid was rushed to the vet soon after and was treated for a...
  4. Cryptillian

    Question about hard water/water softener.

    I’ve had guinea pigs for 5 years, we moved into an older house last year and I noticed calcium spots on the fleece that I hadn’t had before (or if I did it was rare) and at the time I didn’t know what they were. I didn’t really pay much attention to this because they were small and I had assumed...
  5. Marshie

    Water bottle placement

    Hey, I plan to have two piggies as well as two water bottles just incase, although I am wondering on the placement of the bottles, Should both of the bottles always be placed closed together or would it be okay to separate the bottles far apart?
  6. PremierPig

    Piggies not drinking any water

    Hiya, my piggies are about 12 weeks old and they barely drink any water. They don't seem to have worked out the water bottle in the cage (I have shown them a few times), so I also have a very small ceramic water bowl. Sometimes there is a little water gone from the bowl, but most of it seems to...
  7. Maddii.Maddii

    Sudden water bottle avoidance.

    My 3 boys have suddenly started avoiding their water bottles! 😣 I've had 2 355ml Living World glass water bottles (photo attached) in their cage for almost 2 months now with no issues. I cleaned them out 2 days ago throughly with only water, Qtips and rice (to clean out the inside) and I...
  8. MarioPig

    Dental Syringing water

    Hi guys! I am new to forums so I will apologise now My little piggy Archie (2 and a half) has recently had his dental operation using G.A. (this was before I knew about the Cambridgeshire cavy trust). Since the op rehabilitating him has been extremely stressful as force feeding him has been...
  9. YodaVaderBinks

    Boar Mammary Tumour Post-Op

    Hello! Binks is a 3.5year old boar who had 2 mammary tumors removed 3 days ago. He's eating veggies non-stop, isn't very fussed about the pellets (his usual feed) but will pick + choose what he likes from the meusli mix. Usually only use the mix when we run out of pellets as this is available...
  10. R

    Help? My guinea pigs won't stop strangling their water bottle!

    Hello everyone? uh, this is kind of awkward because I've never posted on this kind of site before, but I'm doing it because I'm desperate. Hopefully I can get some answers rather quickly.. I have a problem that's pretty much what the title claims. My guinea pigs will NOT stop torturing and pulling...
  11. GeorgiaHarris

    Cleaning bottles

    I recently switched my water bottles to the living world glass eco+ bottles. With my old plastic bottles I used a bottle brush and warm water to clean them which worked fine however I’m struggling to clean my glass ones with this method. Every time I clean them there’s still little particles...
  12. SDRB_TP

    Syringing Water - Help!

    Hey everyone, Quick Q so my piggy unfortunately has an inner ear infection and can’t walk properly so she hasn’t left her bedroom area in the shed for the past day. Her water bottle is at the other end of the shed and I have a very strong feeling she won’t have walked herself over too it as her...
  13. walnutandpeanut


    Why does my guinea pigs not drink water? I dont put anything extra in the water. They only drink very tiny in bits.
  14. Kallasia

    Amount Of Water Being Drunk

    Hi all, So my two piggies drink very different amounts of water. I've been monitoring them for a couple of weeks now to get some averages. Binky, 4 years old, drinks 150ml of water every day. Errol, nearly 1 year old, drinks 10ml of water every day. Given that Binky drinks 140ml more than...
  15. Jade&co

    Not Drinking As Usual

    My pig Bradley has always been a big drinker and super animated and happy in his cage (and out). Recently he had a behaviour change and is more subdued. I don't know what happened but this post is more regarding his lack of water consumption... Any tips to increase the likelihood of his...
  16. PeggyandNancy

    New Baby Guineas Not Drinking Water

    Hi everyone I've had two new piggies (about 9 weeks old) for a week now and they don't appear to be drinking water. I've tried giving them a bowl but they just throw stuff in it (including poops) and even changing that every chance I could didn't seem to help. I've given them as watery...
  17. Piggiesxoxo

    Not Eating Hay Or Drinking Water?

    Hi! I'm a New Guinea pig owner. He's about two months and his name is Pumpkin. He was doing well the first month I had him (got him when he was 1 month old) and was popcorning, wheeking, and exploring. But now going into the second month I noticed he's not being so active. Is he bored? Should I...
  18. clawsboo

    Loud Bottle

    hi. i love my guinea pig. but, at night all she does is drink her water bottle! it's so annoying! it's just tap. tap. tap. oh? did she stop? tap. never mind. when i try to take it out she'll start chirping like crazy, and that's even louder. help please.
  19. X

    Is My Guinea Pig Drinking Too Much?

    My guinea pig drinks about 1000ml every day. He often has puddles on the bottom of his cage when I clean it. He is also not as interested in fresh vegetables as my other guinea pig. What could cause this? Does it sound like diabetes?
  20. Betsy

    Water Bottles

    I am changing water in the bottles every couple of days and cleaning them with a bottle brush and the spouts with cotton buds once a week to help stop the build up of algae. I have the bottles in covers but it still doesn't stop the bottom (where the spout is) or the spout from getting...