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  1. J

    Recommendations for good weighing scales?

    Can folks please suggest some suitable weighing scales which are big enough for guinea pigs to stand on, comfortable, affordable and have a digital readout? I'm finding our cheap kitchen scales too small, too glossy for them to stand on amd too inaccurate. Thanks.
  2. dabel101

    Fluctuating Weight

    Hi! I think I'm worrying over nothing but my guinea pigs weight has been fluctuating. Two weeks ago she weighed in at 936g then last week she was 925g and now she is 915g, i also dont weigh them at the same which i probably should. Could it have been that i weighed her on a full stomach on the...
  3. C

    Guinea pig weight?

    Hi, ive recently started weighing my 5 year old guinea pig penny every thursday and i have some questions. First off, she currently weighs 787 grams. Is that an OK weight? Ive been told that the average is between 800-1000 grams, but then almost every online source i use tells me 700-900 grams...
  4. DizzyD95

    Baby Guinea Pig (Sows) Average Weights

    Hello :) I have recently bought two baby guinea pig sows, Popcorn and Minstrel! I want to weigh them weekly for the next six weeks just to make sure they're both putting weight on - I think Popcorn is eating much more than Minstrel, so I want to make sure they're both healthy and growing as...
  5. GeorgiaHarris

    Average weight for a 4 month old boar

    I recently adopted a 4 month old boar and I weighed him yesterday and he was 822g but I don’t know what the average is at his age and whether or not he’s at a healthy weight. I’ve looked online but I can only find average weights for adults.
  6. C

    Weighing Methods?

    What is the best way to weigh my guinea pigs? Should I buy one of those pet scales? Currently the only scale that I have in my house is meant for humans, and not super accurate. Should I use it?
  7. Chessles

    Scales Suggestions

    my current scales for weighing my pigs are a set of really cheap analogue ones. It's difficult to get the pigs balanced on top (inside a cosy) and I'm not sure they're even accurate. I'd really like some digital ones with a bowl big enough for the piggies to sit in. Does anyone have any that...
  8. T

    Elder Guinea Pigs Weight

    Is 920 grams a good weight for a sow around 5 years old?
  9. Beans&Toast

    Worried About Weight Fluctuations

    Okay so when I first got my girls about a year ago I used to weigh them weekly, but after months of staying the same I stopped (I realise now I shouldn't have) Around October time Beans, who is roughly 2-3 years old ( not sure exactly as they're rescues) weighed 1160 grams. Toast, who is...
  10. Guineapigfeet

    Weigh Day.

    I told the girls that it was weigh-time and afterwards they'd get some veggies - they ran for cover. As soon as they realised the scale's batteries were flat, they came out wheaking for the promised veg! So no weights this week. Chewie is definitly growing (or just getting fatter?) - their...