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wheat grass

  1. H

    Wheat grass calcium

    Hello, I noticed on the internet that wheat grass can be fed to guinea pigs instead of grass during the winter. But how about the calcium in this food, I tried to look but I didn't find how it is. I ask because I have a guinea pig that has bladder sludge problems, and she loves wheat grass
  2. Angela99

    New Mom! Wheat Grass Ok?

    Hi can I give my lovies fresh live wheat grass? Previous owner took them to a park and they loved grass. I'm not risking them outside with pesticide and other animals etc. They won't eat lettuce. Just parsley Dill and cucumber so I thought grass would be good. If so how much is safe? Could I...
  3. Lilythepig2017

    Young Wheat Grass Sugary?

    Hello So I have been interested in giving our girl fresh wheat grass so last week I bought her a tray of it from our local organic store (already grown) and she absolutely loves it. I was hoping to give her this mostly throughout the day as I heard fresh grass is better for them than hay...