1. TinaY

    Entertainment video - when Donuts thinks he is forgotten

    Every single day after their floor time (half of my office is their second home and they are lucky that I work from home):lol:. The same desperation that he was left behind :lol!:. To be fair, Donuts is the alpha piggy, but always ends up napping behind the door so I get him out by taking...
  2. H

    Skinny pig showing spine & hips

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice on my story with my skinny pig. Ive been a little worried because he was on antibiotics for 2 weeks for early symptoms of a URI. I had a Guinea Pig recently pass from a URI so I knew to get him checked and luckily I caught it early. During these 2 weeks on...
  3. Isla&Steve

    Screaming when apart

    Hello, so I don’t know if screaming would be the right word, but basically after the brushing failure yesterday I thought it might be a good idea to give Kuzco a little bum trim just to avoid matting as he’s a very fluffy boy, so after lap time we put Kronk back in the cage so that Steve could...
  4. Paetwood

    Respiratory issues?

    So Fleetwood lost a decent amount of wieght around 2 weeks ago, and I was already tot and her to the vet, but she stopped losing weight. She hasn’t gained it back yet, but I thought maybe she’s just growing. And she acted fine. About 2 days ago I noticed whenever she saw me she started wheeking...
  5. S

    New Pig

    Hello, I adopted a 7 month old male guinea pig named Norman. I have never owned one before and should have done my research before purchasing but am making up for lost time by purchasing the guinea pig handbook and watching little adventures on youtube. Since watching many of these videos I...
  6. LDs_mom

    Mixed Signals: Troublemaker Personality Or Genuinely Angry?

    So I got my piggy Lieutenant Dan (aka Dan Halen) a few months ago (he may be an Abyssinian? He is my profile photo)) and even though he's still young and likely hormonal, I'm not sure if his current behaviors are just his young personality or if it sounds like he is actually not content. So...
  7. Jennybug89

    So Today My Piggies Met!

    I decided today to introduce Rosie and Rachel. I feel it was a huge success. Aside from a bit of head nudging from Rosie when Rachel sniffed her a bit too much, and Rachel getting very vocal when Rosie was licking her bum (is that a normal thing?!) they were wheeking together like crazy. And...
  8. Jennybug89

    Guinea Pig Therapy

    I've been a piggy mammy for less than two months. But already I can understand why people love them so. I had a death in my family two days ago. My great aunt passed away after quite a tough weeks weeks. She was like a nanny to me as all my grandparents are unfortunately long gone. The last few...
  9. ToastandBeans

    Beans And Toast Now Eating Out Of My Hand

    So it was feeding time (Could tell by wheeking) so I got them some apple. I put some slices through and they took it out of my hand like normal. One slice they both came up for it so I was expecting a tug of apple. But nope! I was holding it and they both started nibbling it together while it...
  10. ToastandBeans

    Got The Girls Some Hiding Places

    They need hiding places so- wait gotta go feed them hahah wheeeeeek wheeeek
  11. bumbling-bambi

    Is My Piggies Loosing His Voice?

    So I've noticed one of my boars (Womble) has a slightly raspy sounding wheek when he knows food could be about! He's a good healthy weight (I'm checking regularly as they grow anyway) is eating fine and seems totally normal but he just seems to loose his voice for a couple of wheeks and then...
  12. hzlhrst

    Racing Stripes

    My baby boars have easily slipped into their dominant and submissive roles, Hannibal is very content to let Batista climb on him and generally take charge and assert himself, and Batista loves being the top dog. They also seem to be very good at sharing, they like to sleep together and...