wounds fighting

  1. G

    Please help: Keep working on bonding or separate

    Hello everyone, I really need some help from you all. I adopted my two male piggies almost two years ago (at which they were about 1 year old at the time), so they are almost 3 yrs. old now this summer. I adopted them as "bonded buddies" meaning they were required to be adopted out together. When...
  2. SQU3@KY_P1G

    Sore Piggy Ears

    My 6 week old female piggy has a dry area on her ear and a little rash looking area behind her ear. She lives in a 3 story 100 guinea pig cage with another guinea pig from the same breeder that is 5 weeks old. I got them together a week ago. They have displayed what I would consider normal...
  3. 2Pigs2Many

    Boar Conflict.

    Hey guys! I've been under some great stress over my 2 babies and I need your opinion/help. Please bare with me, this will be long but I wanted to give as much information as I could to get better help. I got the brothers, Smores and Teddy, when they were just babies, now they are a little...
  4. T

    Guinea Pig Wounds

    Greetings Everyone, We have 2 male pigs we adopted as "babies" last July making them approximately 10 months old now. They have a 5 foot by 5 foot home. They have been working out their heierarchy for the last few months, but never violently. Tonight we came home and one has large bite wounds...