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young boars

  1. M

    Young Guinea pig behaviour

    Hey I’m new here so I hope I’m in the right area and doing this right I was wondering if anyone had any advice about young Guinea pig behaviour basically bit of backstory I’ve had a pair of male pigs for about four years (Ben and Jerry) and sadly just before Christmas ben passed away. I’m aware...
  2. B


    Hello everyone! I’m new to Guinea pigs but I’ve done EXTENSIVE research on them. I have a 7 month old & a 4 month old, both males. I had the oldest first and got him a friend. My problem is the bonding. So I put them in a neutral area with lots of hay. Lots of snacks. There has been ZERO...
  3. frennan

    Issues with 2 young Boars

    Hello, We just recently adopted two young boars, around 6 months and 7months old and everything has been fine until the other night, they started fighting pretty bad and I had to put a divider in their cage. I know some amount of rambunctiousness is normal, but one of them lost a decent chunk...
  4. W

    Food for younger guinea pigs and weaning off pellets

    My pigs Womble and Bear are finally arriving home this Wednesday (I'm so excited!) and I'd really like them to be on a full veg diet as my research has shown me that a veg diet is better than a pellet one. However, currently they've been fed pellets. I'm not sure how to wean them off pellets...
  5. Michellesalvino

    Juvenile boars no longer getting along ?

    I have a total of 4 boars, living in pairs. One of these pairs no longer gets along because one of them (Walter) has been getting quite feisty lately and chasing around Solomon, he also will try to take over what he is eating and I also believe he nips at Solomon.. I have separated them so far...
  6. Michellesalvino

    Proper care for piggies on doxycycline

    Hello! I currently have two piggies on doxycycline because when I got them I soon noticed they we’re sneezing way too much and took them to the vet. I just want to make sure I am giving them a good diet while they’re going through this. I give it to them twice a day. Should I also be giving them...
  7. fourcavies

    Where Do I Start

    Our old boar died in March and so I decided in the school holidays to get some new babies as we had lots of equipment! I now have 4 small boars, unfortunately, we came down to a bloody nose which needed antibiotics so we bought a new 2 story cage to separate out the little ones until we could...
  8. Annelle

    Piggies Vs Camera

    My little boys are so confused about the camera when I take pictures of them XD I made a little compilation video of their curiosity today during floor time! ❤️ File was too big so I included a link for anyone in need of a smile :) the little grey/white one is Banjo, who is a bit shy. The nosey...
  9. BenjiAndButtons

    Little Barney's Friendship Quest Continues

    Barney has met Benji a few more times since my orginal post, and he had started to back down and Benji showed his dominance. We moves his cage into Benji's room so they can hear each other, and were really feeling positive untill today: I had them both on me, and it looked as if Barney was...
  10. Keiko The Pig

    Lap Time Cuteness

    Here's Keiko and Milo sharing the same chew stick! For once without it breaking out into tug of war
  11. Keiko The Pig

    Dirty Pig Dilemma Please Help

    I have two Abyssinian Guinea pigs one is 3-4 months the other was born March 29th so he's almost 2 months. The younger one is white with long hair for an aby and his bottom half underside and hind legs are very dirty! I'm worried about upsetting the bond if I bathe him as the elder pig doesn't...