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A Lovely Day To Hand In My Notice!

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May 5, 2015
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Liverpool, United Kingdom
Ahhh, a nice lovely day to finally tell my manager what's what!

As some if you guys know, my job was one of the problems I was having causing me mental health upsets, more so with the loss of Cookie this week. It's all become too much. I was originally going to wait until I had a new job, but...

Last night she was yelling and screaming at me about being to quiet and nervous (I have anxiety so) and then she was like if I don't improve right now she'd give me a disciplinary and fire me. And that I was stupid etc. can't take that anymore.

Goodbye to you then!

My interview with Morrisons went extremely well so in just going to hand it in and be extremely careful with money. All I can do.
It takes a lot of courage to leave a job with how things are these days, but sometimes it's for the best. She has no right to treat you like that, I personally would take it further! Good luck in your job hunting, I hope that morrisons take you on and you can have a fresh start :)
No body should be allowed to treat employees like that. God luck with your job hunting.x
Not a nice person calling others stupid and trying to intimidate them, it makes you wonder what they are lacking in their own lives. I hope you find a job soon.
Brave step, but the right one for you. Hope goes well for you. If you get an exit interview that would be a good chance to speak up about your manager. My sister has had work issues so has been looking for another job. She had a very bad experience this week. She needed time off to go for an interview and instead of just going sick for the day she tried to be decent and take the time off officially. Her manager confronted her as to why she wanted time off and then shouted at her about it. She had to go home in tears, but decided that even if she didn't get the other job she was leaving anyway. Pleased to report she got the other job. Managers like that don't deserve staff loyalty.
That's terrible treating people like that. No need for it. You should report her. I am so sorry you had to quit your job. However if it was making you ill then it's probably for the best. Good luck with the Morrisons job.
Thanks, guys. My parents reall don't approve of this; but I don't really care at the moment. I don't need them controlling my life either.

I think it's right for me, as it was really affecting me mentally and affecting my coursework and college. I'm getting panicky abou what I'll do for money but I'll worry about that later. I'm still at colleges it'll be okay.
Sometimes you have to ignore all around you and do what is right for you - just you. Good luck finding something else.
You could always write a nice letter to the Owner/Managing Director of the business explaining why you are leaving and recommending better management training to avoid Employment litigation in the future. Me, last time I was in that position the MD and I were exchanging pleasantries and it was a guess as to who would throw the first punch.
Well done!
In my view, you shouldn't give people the time of day if they speak to you like that.
Ugh. Don't know what to do. Parents keep telling me to not do it now. I want to hand it in so bad but then they'll dissaprove.
Ask your parents if they can give you a good reason why you should stay in a place where you are being threatened and bullied. You wouldn't accept if from someone in the street so why should you take it from a manager - someone who should be professional!
:agr: with all of the above comments. It is YOUR life, no-one can live it for you. If you want to leave (and who wouldn't in that situation?) then it's your decision.
Don't your parents care that your manager was treating you so badly? Or that the job was having a bad effect on your mental health?
Good luck at Morrison's.
Aww that's terrible that your scared of her :( no one should EVER make you feel like that! As for money, can you apply for a college grant or whatever it's called? Your best bet is to ask citizens advice or someone like that for advice and see if there is anything you can claim or maybe your college can advise you if you have someone like that there. TRY not to worry about it though, you being happy is the main thing at this point in time.
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