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A Lovely Day To Hand In My Notice!

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((((Hugs)))) well done. Sometimes you just got to do what's right for you.
So glad you handed it in. Your parents will understand. Your mental health has got to come first. Well done you for having the courage to stand up to that horror of a manager. Sounds like it was a horrible working environment. Keep your chin up and keep looking for a new job good luck x
I am in a similar situation. Boss who wont manage lazy staff but wont stop sarcastic comments to me 'because he can'! Went home crying friday night due to nasty comment. Going to have to speak to him tomorrow about it which i am not looking forward to. Dont want to look for another job as i like it there otherwise.
How horrible dotty but don't be too scared about approaching him. Keep yourself calm but tell him in no uncertain terms you are not prepared to be spoken to the way he spoke to you x
Well done, **** her! you'll land on your feet and hopefully she'll land on her ass.

I'm on a uni placement just now with a mentor who hates me, i've left every day and cried on my way home and felt miserable & sick with nerves about having to go the next day. Luckily I only have 11 weeks left and I get to leave for good anyway. 11 weeks already feels like a eternity, I would have quit by now if I didn't know for a fact there is an end in sight.
You did the right thing, your parents should be proud of you! It's an absolutely horrible, depressing feeling, Nobody should expect you to have to put up with that crap.
Millions of luck with everything! :)
Coco have you spoken to uni about this? Our students can report the mentor to the university, it alerts them to discuss whether or not it is suitable to send students there in the future big hugs hun keep going x
@cocoluna , you should definately contact your uni. I had a friend with the same problem and she was able to switch mentors within that office. Her orginal mentor was rather mean towards her and left her feeling how you are feeling. She found from other staff within that office that her orginal mentor had low self-esteem and was perhaps jealous and threatened by her. I say, why take on a student if your going to be cruel?

@DoragonHinansho , I'm so glad you've quit and goodluck about the other job! I hope you'll hear back soon! What type of manager/supervisor does that to their employee's? I'm still at shocked about the treatment you've received! She should be fired!
I'm so glad that you took action and got yourself out of this situation. Your mental health is so important x
I had a bully-boss once. It was soul-destroying and the relief when leaving is huge. Well done to you. What a rubbish boss. I hope you get your Morrisons job. I work at a Supermarket now after a career change and really rather enjoy it :) x
I can empathise with you all. I thought my boss was being horrible and unfair previously (he wasn't, it was a problem with poor communication and partially down to my severe mental health problems at the time). I went above his head and raised a grievance. Best thing I ever did cos it did get him communicating better but the meeting between me, him and the CEO for an hour really cleared the air and let us start over again. We now have a good working relationship.

I would urge people to follow procedures for grievances. It might not just be happening to you and why should you be pushed out of your jobs/studies but they be allowed to stay? Worst case scenerio it doesn't change anything and you quit anyway. Best case scenerio. They bin the problem boss & everyone's happy apart from the boss but that's karma :)
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