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Another Fleece Question... Sorry

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Feb 8, 2015
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Atherton, UK
Ok so I brought my fleeces and have started washing them. I also brought another fleece and have been hand sewing it into a cuddle cup, so I really hope they like it as it has taken ages.

Just one more question, I have just got a 100% lambs wool mattress topper from the charity shop. Will this be ok and absorbent enough under my girls fleeces? It is really really thick and I hope it was a good find, I am going to chop it into liners.
The girls also have Lino in their hutch so I don't mind if some does leak out.
Also I was told to buy the micro plush fleeces so that's what I got but there are cheeper thinner fleece throws around, can I use these for cage liners. I used the thinner stuff to make my cuddle cup and really want to know if I can use it as hutch liners.
Don't be sorry for asking questions. Questions are always welcome!
I don't know about your first question I'm afraid.
The only ever fleeces I have used is anti pill fleece, which is thin, or anti pill micro fleece. I have found polar fleece/thick fleeces too thick and hay sticks to it terribly, but you can give it a go!
I used polar anti pil on top of a mattress protector which did the job quite well, but because we have three cages now I switched to cage liners.
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