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Bunny Love

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Ronnie nearly got stood on today! I was preparing the hutch for the piggies getting ready to move in. He was being very nosey, I opened the upstairs part of the rabbit hutch and jumped with shock as next doors cat jumped out from where she had been sleeping! As I stepped back, I narrowly avoided stepping on him!
They were part of a quad, unfortunately we had to rehome Ronnie's brother Reggie after they started fighting, and we sadly lost Betty in February this year, she was seven and a half. :(

Aw..... sorry for your loss. I hope very much that your remaining pair continue to live long and happy lives. xx
They are similar ages (Mary has just turned 3 at the beginning of May and Ronnie is 3 in August.) So I should have them for a while. ;)
Ronnie is so cute, I adore Dutch bunnies!
My Ralph is a Dutch, but he's ginger and white, not black!

I've almost stood on my bunnies before too! Especially my Acorn when she was still with me, she was such a nosey bunny who loved to just be around my feet knowing what's going on! So cute!
Mary is your typical Dutch doe - very feisty! Ronnie is laid back, but very protective of Mary, the piggies and even Neo Mog! :lol!:
Awwwwww :love: I can see why you are smitten with them Boss
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