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Cage Liners And Cosies For Charity


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Nov 8, 2014
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bishops stortford

I am planning a clear out and to replace my fleece liners and cosies this month. I have a few good quality cage liners for 4x2 and 3x2 C&C cages - (my girls are in a smaller cage at the moment due to bears recent operations and hernia and was advised to limit her space to allow healing. The girls are much calmer and relaxed in the smaller cage and have free roam floor time whenever I am at home.) I would really like to donate some of my fleece items to a rescue who may need them, of course will be washed with anti bac powder and on high temp before I take them. I also have a couple old fleece tunnels/cosy sack type of things which are still popular with my girls but I want to treat them to new things for winter. Does anyone know any places in the Herts/Essex area that could use some liners and cosies? I live in Harlow, Essex but drive so can always drop off.