1. Sherman and Shaggy's Mom

    The perfect bedding

    So I have come to realize that some of the fleece I bought which I thought was a great price is kinda inadequate. They are too thin and get smelly pretty quickly. So I was wondering what do other people use I have seen some bathmats, rugs, and some other types of fleece but I can't seem to pin a...
  2. rooandmaple

    Cleaning fleeces

    Hey everyone! Sure this is an obvious answer but I’m thinking about changing the bedding to fleece but I don’t know what detergent and everything to use as last time I tried it didn’t end too well 😬 Thanks :)
  3. Jasmined

    Recommendations on cosy beds

    Does any one have any recommendations (links if possible) for some cosier beds? Recently moved to fleece bedding and they’re loving it, would love to put some more snuggly items in. I’ve seen pictures of guineas sleeping in sort of cat bed looking things, I’ve had a little search but nothing’s...
  4. J

    Mattress Covers for Fleece Bedding

    Hi, so I'm in the process of making fleece bedding. I want to make the ones where you sandwich the absorbent material inbetween two layers of fleece so it's easy to change and wash altogether. I have heard that mattress covers are a good option, would you all agree? And can someone recommend...
  5. C

    towels under fleece?

    so i was thinking of using towels under the fleece as they seem like they do a good job. however i’m concerned that they will smell easily, considering there isn’t much airflow between the layers? and i also feel like towels would take a while to dry. should i put towels, then puppy pads, then...
  6. O

    fleece bedding?

    i was just wondering which bedding you all use and what you think of fleece? i've got pine wood shavings and back2nature bedding at the moment, i've found that wood shavings get pretty messy while back2nature is great however it is expensive. i have a pair of baby piggies and a 2x5 c&c cage and...
  7. C

    bedding help!

    so i’ve probably trialed about 5 different kinds of bedding, and am currently using (safe!) woodshavings. i really loved using fleece however the only issue was the smell. i am in the process of upgrading my cage from relatively small, to big. i’m wondering if the reason the fleece was smelling...
  8. dannif_piggies

    Looking for people's opinions...

    For a while I've been wanting to change to "reusable puppy pads" for under my girls fleeces. Has anyone done this? And what are their thoughts. I really like using regular puppy pads for absorbing, but I'm trying to make the pigs as environmentally friendly as possible, and this is a big part of...
  9. C

    Smelly fleece :/

    After switching to fleece it’s so far been cost effective, clean and neat. However, after only two days a urine smell has taken over my room. I made the cage liners myself, with a mattress topper in the middle of 2 fleece sheets. I spot clean daily, and I have pads for high traffic areas but...
  10. C


    So in my last endeavour for fleece I had bought some cheapy fleece throws that would NOT wick. So I went and got some good quality fleece. I am adamant on switching to fleece as bedding is just so expensive and messy. I now have a fleece addiction, the designs are just too cute! A question...
  11. C

    fleece issues

    I recently decided to switch to fleece bedding for my pigs. Unfortunately it’s quite hard to find fleece where I am, but I found polar fleece throws at Kmart. I think they are similar to ones from Walmart and Joanns (if you are American, I’m from Australia) It’s 100% polyester. I have now washed...
  12. carefullycloverpigs

    How much fleece?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum! You can call me Clover :) I've had my two guinea pigs (Missy and Luna) for about 8 months now, but they are nearly four years old. Since I got them, I've been using aspen wood shavings in their cage, but I want to change over to fleece. I've weighed the pros...
  13. Guineaconvert

    Incontinence pads

    Hiya! Looking for absorbent layer for under fleece - the 100x140 version of these would fit my cage perfectly. Would they work well? I'm guessing I would just need fleece on the upside because their bottom is already water resistant? 7 Sizes Washable Reusable Bed Pad Incontinence Bed Wetting...
  14. P

    Anti-pill plush fleece as bedding?

    I’m looking to start making my own fleece liners, but there are more options if I use anti-pill plush fleece. Is this okay to use? What’s the different between it and just regular anti-pill?
  15. doodlecountry

    Mites & Fleece Bedding

    I have just treated all 5 of my guinea pigs with Revolution as the vet has given us for mites. It wasn't a serious case, but I had noticed more itching than usual. Otherwise, no other serious symptoms. However, I put them back in the cage with their original fleece before they were treated...
  16. G


    I wanted to ask who used ikea fleece blankets as their cage liners and can you tell me if you recommend them or not. Thank you ❤️
  17. Swissgreys

    A Detailed Guide For Fleece Bedding

    Overview: 1. What is a fleece cage liner? 2. Getting started with fleece 3. Fleece washing tips 4. General Fleece Tips 5. Fleece FAQ’s 1. What is a fleece cage liner? What is a fleece cage liner and how does it work? A fleece cage liner consists of at least 2 layers, and most commonly 3...
  18. P

    Cant get on with Fleece!

    Ive tried a few times to use fleece bedding instead of wood shavings (seem like EVERYONE is using it) but I just cant get on with it at all. They pee ends up going down the sides so ends up under the fleece, it gets covered in hay within minutes, it feels like way more work than wood shavings...
  19. PandaBaird

    I'm changing from shavings to fleece soon, I'm new to fleece bedding so I'd like advice on what the best fleece and absorbant material

    Hi I'm moving house soon and I'd like to switch to fleece bedding for my 4 girls to keep any smell to a minumum and also because it looks nice, they're going to be in one of the spare rooms or maybe even the kitchen, I'm going to put their run on top of a raised platform so they're not on the...
  20. N

    Fleece and how much to buy!

    Hi guys! I have three piggies that have so much energy. I’ve been wanting to build them a larger enclosure since adopting our latest Guinea pig, Sati. I’ve heard a lot about fleece and the u haul pads and that’s what I’ve decided on. So far, we’re building them a 4.5 ft x 4.5 ft enclosure out of...