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Do I Need De Wormer?

Annie Robbins

Junior Guinea Pig
Apr 5, 2017
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Hey everyone!

Here is a picture of my two piggies pigging- out on some fresh grass from outside. They get fresh grass everyday, and they are/ will be living inside their whole life. I cut the grass with scissors, so they don't get any dirt or roots. By the end of the week, I will be moving back to the city and I will not be able to give them fresh grass anymore.

My main question is.. do I need to deworm them? There isn't any signs of worms, but I am a strong advocate for preventative care. If they do need to be dewormed, where/ what should I buy?

I've never had to de worm of my piggies. Unless advised by a vet and prescribed by a vet I wouldn't use any de-worming products on my piggies.
To be honest - no. Mine have never had any or needed any.

Wormer is generally only considered by vets for ongoing persistent digestive issues, but in all my time on the forum we only ever had one real and confirmed case of worms turning up.