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  1. Celine298

    I'm Being Bullied For Grass...

    We had a late spring here in Ireland and most of the livestock (sheep/cattle) are only being let out to pasture in the past couple of weeks due to the poor grass growth. Thankfully, the grass is finally bursting into growth. Last week, I began picking fresh grass from the garden for the...
  2. ElizaCavies


    any ideas to what hays I should get and any nice and good quality hay on a budget and how I can see if it is good quality or not? Thanks for your help (in advance), ElizaCavies xx
  3. Siikibam

    How Much Grass?

    I know you shouldn’t let pigs eat too much grass at first. But how much is too much? For example, yesterday I gave them about a fistful altogether. Is that an ok amount to start them on? They wolfed it down fast but I didn’t want to give them more in case they got the runs...
  4. Koko

    Grass Help!

    heya! My boyfriends mum picked a bucket of grass for our piggies and she got it from her friends farm. Can guinea pigs eat any type of grass? will the grass from the farm be okay for them to eat? Is anyone able to identify the type of grass this is? It is a little fuzzy on the stems too -...
  5. Guineapigfeet

    Bank Holiday Sun!

    Yeah girls are out (in the shade) for some yummy grass, unfortunatly OH mowed it yesterday, so there's not as much as normal! The air temp at human head height is 24C but at piggy head height it's only 20!
  6. Annie Robbins

    Do I Need De Wormer?

    Hey everyone! Here is a picture of my two piggies pigging- out on some fresh grass from outside. They get fresh grass everyday, and they are/ will be living inside their whole life. I cut the grass with scissors, so they don't get any dirt or roots. By the end of the week, I will be...
  7. Guineapigfeet

    Finally Have A Lawn!

    OH has deemed the back lawn (finally) suitable for pig habitation so out they went! It's still a bit sparse and I'm not allowed to put them out too often this summer to allow it to establish fully, but it made me very happy to see them out there! Can just make out Rey in the box and Chewie...
  8. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Happiness Is A Blade Of Grass... Or Two.

    Too many pics of lawn mowing! Iggy's first time out with the girls, but in a separate run :) ^ Where's Iggy? :D ^ "Let me at 'them mum!" ^ "We just need one more for out Beatles tribute act!" ^ "Hi Cissy, Cissy... Cissy... Cissy! Pay attention to me!" They were far more...
  9. Lexipiggie

    Cooling Down On Some Grass

    I went out and got some grass for the piggies and then wet it a little so it will help them stay cool and hydrated. Plus they look adorable munching on it ;) Here's Oki nibbling away
  10. Bella123

    Orchard Grass Hay Question

    Since I got my guinea pigs I have been feeding them Timothy hay. I recently bought a very small bale of oxbow orchard grass for a change and it was very popular. I like the Orchard grass as apparantly so I read it has a lower calcium content then most hays and its much softer then timothy...
  11. J


    Hi, sorry for my poor English, I just want to ask if I feed my guinea pigs well. I noticed in one discussion forum (USA) that most owners feed their guinea pigs a lot differently than in the Czech Republic. In the US, they mainly eat salads and leafy vegetables, a little carrot only. Our...
  12. G

    Can I Grow Grass?

    Is it possible to grow grass for piggies? What grass is best, and how? I think it would be a safer and a more reliable way than just picking it from outside. :D
  13. PlausiblePiggie

    Grass And Worms

    Hi, i have a question :). Do guinea pigs who are being fed grass daily need to be dewormed? I'm not that familiar with worming or anything but I'm assuming that deworming is to help prevent worms? Or is it to help cure it? Anyway, as the weather is getting warmer I have been giving my guinea...
  14. R

    Could My Biggie Live On Grass/parsley/cilantro Instead Of Bedding?

    Has anyone housed their (indoor) piggies on live or growing bedding? My guy is in a 2x3 C&C cage. I've tried fleece flippers (made my own) and recycled paper bedding (like care fresh). I'm wondering it it would be possible to fill a coroplast tray with dirt and grow grass, cilantro, parsley...
  15. Celine298

    Fresh Grass

    Having grown up on a farm here in Ireland, I know more about grass than most cows do! All the piggy owners in Ireland and England will be delighted to know that the "fresh growth" has started! You can give your pigs grass from a safe garden/field any time of the year really, but it tastes...
  16. Magician

    Grass Questions

    When feeding pigs grass does it count as part of their daily hay portion or as part of their greens ration? Is grass that has frost on it, but is now completely defrosted, okay? Is grass from horses' fields okay? (We do regularly worm our horses, but dogs can get sick from eating horse poo...
  17. Beans&Toast

    Big Day For Beans Tomorrow.

    Tomorrow morning I'll be taking Beans in for her spay. I cannot even put into words how terrified I am for her. Apart from these cysts (and cataracts) she's in good health. She plods around and loves a good munch. She's getting on a bit, around 5 I think she is but she can still keep up with...
  18. Guineapigfeet

    Indoor Grass Time

    Picked the girls some grass instead of putting them in their run the evening (as I want to watch the olympics !)
  19. crnyng

    Growing Wheatgrass?

    I don't trust the grass grown around my city seeing as there are pesticides put down, along with cats and dogs using the grass to potty. I was looking into buying wheatgrass seeds to grow so my pigs can have some grass to munch on occasionally. I was wondering if anyone's done it before and...
  20. Beans&Toast

    Beautiful Beans Enjoying The Grass

    Now that it's a bit cooler outside I thought I'd put Beans on the grass for a while (Toast can't have grass too often as it makes her bloaty). She has an appointment at the vets tomorrow morning to get hormone injections to treat cystic ovaries. So I thought she deserved to stuff her little...