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Help Needed Asap Please :)

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Jun 7, 2014
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11056901_10152876892312762_688767827_n.jpg Afternoon all,

I've just taken on another lone guinea pig that was being advertised on a fb selling page and the wrong sorta people commenting asking for her.

Got her home, and have a quarantine cage set up for her. Bathed her, shes a brown peruvian and her NAILS omg. I could weep! I've enclosed a photo. Basically I need to ask - folk tell me the quick gets longer with the length of the nail hence how its easier to keep nails short. How much can I safely take off this?! I need to get her to a vet quite probably for acheck over. Not to mention her entire back end of fur is matted totally so I'm going to have to likely shave a good chunk of her hair off. How quickly will this grow back?
Oh my, those nails are bad :( Poor baby must have had a nightmare moving around with those.
If you are unsure, get a bright light or a torch to shine underneath the nail - the quick will be darker than the nail and you should see the safe point. It will take work and regular maintenance to get the quick back down.
Piggy hair seems to grow quite quickly, but do not be afraid to do a hack job. See what will brush or cut out with scissors, and make sure she's nice and warm when her hair comes off.
Hope little girl is OK, please keep us updated. x
I've called the vet and asked them to help me as even though I trust people here, I'm just not confident that I can sort it properly and she seems sore when I touch so its a bit hard for me to do with her wriggling, and they've asked me to bring her in at 3:45.

Feel awful for the poor soul :( she seems to have a cloudy patch on one eye too
Could be a cataract, an ulcer or even a hay poke :( Hopefully it's something that can be cleared up relatively easily. You may get some painkillers for her as well if she is in that much pain :(
The nails actually are turning UP the way , the one in the pic on far left is curled down round and back up. It is awful :( WHY do people get these pets and not realise?!
Hello, those nails look pretty bad. I'm so glad that you are taking her to the vets as you are right, she does need checking over coming from a background like that. The vet or vet nurse should be able to tackle those nails for you. I once took on two pigs who had nails that were completely grown round into corkscrews :( They must have been in pain.
Please let us know how she gets on. Cassandra x
Thank you, I will. I think I am generally really on top of things with my lot - I have 9 pet piggies - and it just saddens and angers me to see nails like this :( That is not a case of not trimmed for a few weeks, that is a long growth in my opinion. x
What a sad case :( she us obviously in good hands however, so things like a matted coat and long nails can be sorted relatively easily, although it may take a little time to keep trimming them back to reduce the length of the quick. Its such simple care for a piggy owner that its always unbelievable when owners claim they can't even get this sorted for their pig. Good luck! I hope her eye can be sorted x
I just feel really angry now :( I put my Gus in with her just for a minute so she could realise there were other piggies around, as owner said her cage mate died ages ago so she's been on her own. He done his usual hyper wandered round the cage talking, ate a nugget then came back out but she sniffed at him when he was near, then when he moved she didn't even try to move. She's just sat in the same place since I put her there, so it must just hurt to walk
I would offer to help but sadly you are a very long distance from me! Hopefully the vet should be able to give her a full check in any case and get those nasty nails sorted a fair bit.

Just checking - is gus neutered?
Remember also she will be under considerable stress with the change in environment and her current condition. It will be best to keep her in a quiet cage by herself until she adjusts and can meet new friends!
I know, I just put him in for literally 2 minutes and she's perked up although not moved. She can hear the others now too having some form of discussion. But she is on her own, in her own cage :)
I think you are lovely for taking on a neglected pig and I hope she does not cost you too much in vet bills! I would keep her in quarentine for two weeks at least as may have something contagious.
It amazes me too that owners cant clip nails, a vet nurse will show the inexperienced owner, its not hard and its such basic animal care. Like cutting your kid's nails!
I think you can wear down piggy nails with a human nail file! OMG her nails are so long. I'm so glad you took her in.
I have so much respect for you right now I don't think id be able to cope ! Good luck at the vets x
Poor girl :(
Hope the vets were able to give you a hand and give her an all clear in general too.
Thsbk goodness there are people like you out there to step in when animals need it.
Vet went well! She cut her nails for me, checked both eyes thoroughly, she has some old scars on her eye but nothing to worry about. Took fur and scalp swabs and checked them under microscope. No sign of any parasites etc and just grubby really even though I've bathed her. I love the vet clinic I use as they are so piggy friendly and I trust them 100% :) So she's now home with some yummy food and a new found love of wandering around already. Must have been hurting her trying to walk before.
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