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Help Needed Asap Please :)

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She must feel so much more comfortable now those nails are a little shorter. With your care, I'm sure she will come on in leaps and bounds. Good on you for taking her in!| :clap::luv:
Poor little girl, i can't believe someone let her get in that state, glad you've taken her in and the vet visit went well and they managed to clip her claws!

Hopefully she'll settle in with you soon :)
Poor little soul. I am glad she's been rescued by you now. And can live a happy life.
Poor dab:(, well done you for taking her on, she must feel like she's walking on air right now!
Well done for rescuing her, I am sure she is feeling so much better already, she is so lucky to have ended up with you.
Thank you, she is absolutely lovely! I did ask this but my internet connection went and the reply hasn't shown (typical of my internet!).
Her hair is going to need cut right down, how long would it take to grow back? I've no experience of long long haired piggies. All my piggies are easy maintenance! Have 2 skinnies, 4 typical short hair variety, one abby and a funky so all easy to maintain x
I think my texel's hair came right back after 3 months, and my peruvuan's hair grows very fast, do not worry!
My Guinea Pig Hodgens when i got him, his nails were like that and i only cut a bit of the end and took him to the vet to see if there was anything they could do for him and they cut his nails for me and now i cut them as often as they need to be but you might want to leave them and then ask your vet
The vet I had yesterday was lovely, shes a guinea pig lover which makes it all the better :) Her nails are now a lot shorter and I'm going to tackle a haircut around her butt today. Probably less stressful for me to get the clippers out and trim that way than trying to do bits at a time with scissors :)
I use round ended baby scissors for cutting my long haired piggies :)
One of the last piggies I had to cut hair on (similar - peruvian, totally matted back end full of hay and shavings and FOOD) I used my old hair clippers. And it was so much simpler just holding near the end of the hair I wanted to cut and that was it trimmed. I didn't shave right in, but just a length I wanted. It is a great trick for wriggly piggies. Snowflake today, is much more alert and curious looking so its a perfect time for me to give her another try.
Oh bless her little piggy heart, I'm so glad she's in your care now!
You've made my day reading this thread as reading about how you are helping this poor neglected little girl makes me grateful there are decent people around, unlike the horrors who allow their animals to suffer. We've had many long hairs and depending on how long their hair is use a combination of blunt ended scissors and my husbands beard trimmer. Their hair grows back quicker than you would think. One of our little girls had very very long hair and she hated having it cut but loved it afterwards because she felt so much lighter, she would popcorn around for hours showing how happy she was after her spa treatment.
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