Housing guinea pigs


Junior Guinea Pig
Mar 27, 2020
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Hi I’m getting my piggies on Saturday and I want to put them in my living room by the window (I posted a photo on a previous thread about the window being insulated etc and having a towel under the cage for insulation) but the living room is open plan with a kitchen at the other side, which is 17 ft, am I okay to put the piggies here? They will be with people all the time but I wanted to make sure it’s okay for them to be in the same room as cooking smells etc? I cook for everyday and I don’t want it to harm them in any way, I also want to know if it’s okay to keep the hay in the same room too where cooking smells are, they’re stored in pop up laundry bags with holes cut in, I’ve typed so much so in short can my piggies And their hay be in the same room as cooking smells, thankyou!