cage advice

  1. H

    Cage advice for a total newbie!

    Hi all! We’re looking to get 2 guinea pigs in a couple of weeks (is 2 an ok number or should we get 3?). They’ll live outside while it’s warm and we’ll bring them in during the winter. I’ve read SO many different views online that I’m even more confused than before I researched! Could you...
  2. A

    Double indoor cage - yes or no?

    I've bought this cage off Facebook for my two guineas and I'm really not sure about it. It's the Little Friends one. Has anyone got one of these and finds it Ok? I've got visions of one of my babies falling down the hole! The ramp doesn't look securely attached to me either. Not sure if just me...
  3. Eviolus-

    Cage sizes

    Is 70" by 40" okay for a boar an 4 sows? They're all in a 6ft by 3ft cage right now and seem quite happy. I keep retaking measurements and checking how big it needs to be but I'm lost at this point and I'm not sure I can make it much bigger than this without including levels which don't really count
  4. CW2211

    Are my piggies happy?

    Hi everyone, if you haven’t read any of my recent posts, I have just brought home 2 rescue girls on Sunday and so far I do think they have settled alright as they are eating, coming out of wherever they are hiding, and are allowing me to hand feed them (sometimes handle out of the cage but I...
  5. H

    Please help me make a C&C cage

    Hi I have one male guinea pig who is about a year and a half old and I don’t want to use the cage I have. I heard C&C cages are better and easier. I want one enough for 2 guinea pigs because I plan on getting another soon. I heard 2x4 is perfect for 2 Guinea pigs, is that true? I just need some...
  6. A

    Piggie acting weird/afraid

    Cleon has been kinda weird since I put him back in his cage yesterday. He only got his nails done. I cleaned out his cage when we got home then put him back in his cage. When I put him back I left for a couple hours at around 3:30 and didn’t check on him until about 9 or 9:30. He hasn’t pooped...
  7. N

    Is my cage big enough for 4 piggies?

    Hi there, I'm currently looking into upgrading my piggies cage, I currently have 2 male pigs in a pet shop cage (I know it's bad, it's only temporary and they are out all the time) I'm looking into building my own cage and using a base that will be 150cm × 75cm and eventually I want to grow my...
  8. rinlalin

    Proper Cage Size for Two Piggies?

    hello all! I currently have one piggie, but he's at the vet. I got him about a week ago and when I go pick him up, i'm going to get him a buddy. I just bought this cage from and wanted to know if it would comfortably house two piggies. the link to the product is here. i got it in...
  9. L

    Cage Size And Location

    Hi! I've been thinking about having guinea pigs for some times now and have read and watch a lot of thing on the subject, but I have some question unanswered. First, the only place where I could fit the cage, in my room, doesn't exactly fit the measurement required. It would be 27" x 59" at...
  10. Cherri


    Hi guys! I have 3 guniea pigs, soon to be more, because my sow is pregnant. I want to have a total of four pigs, ( 2 girls one 2 boys. ) and I'm also moving into an apartment with my boyfriend in the next few months with a lot more space than I currently have. What are some a good cage...
  11. lucyr

    Indoor Cage Size?

    What is a suitable indoor cage size for 4 guinea pigs? I cannot seem to find one suitable for 4 on the pets at home website, the largest indoor one was 50x120x58cm. Any suggestions of where could I get one big enough?
  12. K

    Boar Issues And Shed Conversion..

    my boars are not the best of friends at the moment. They are currently separated for fear they may cause some serious damage. They are in a 5ft double hutch at the moment in the shed. I want to give them more space but wanted your ideas and input? I am going to give them half of my 6x8ft shed...
  13. T

    Is My Cage Big Enough?

    Hi everyone, Within the next week I'll be preparing for the two Guinea pigs I'll be purchasing next week. My mum and I have looked at a few cages on the internet and have found what we believe to be a suitable cage, the dimensions are 102x56x48cm, is this suitable for two sows? Also if anyone...
  14. C Newell

    Is This Suitable Housing For 3 Sows?

    Hello, I am looking to buy my 3 girls (currently only 6 weeks old) a new home as they are eating and growing fast! They live indoors and was thinking a hutch would be better for us as our cat is very interesred in them. I also have 3 children so i thought a hutch would be more sturdy and...
  15. kyliebowers

    Thoughts On Cage Design & Dimensions For 4 Sows

    Hi! I'm planning a new cage and would love to hear your thoughts on my plan for it. I'm particularly interested in how happy four sows would be with this much space. I've done a little sketch showing the dimesions. If my workings are correct, the pigs would have 1.4 sq m which I believe is...
  16. P

    Is 35 By 75 Cm Cage Good Enough For 2 Guiea Pigs

    Is 35 by 75 cm cage big enough for 2 piggies
  17. Hlao-roo

    New Cage

    Hi I'm wanting a new cage for my 3 boars. They're currently in a one-story 5x2 C&C cage but I'm not comfortable with it as it doesn't seem sturdy enough and bits keep popping out of the connectors, and I really hate the correx / plastic stuff! I've found this one online: Lounge Small Pet Cage...
  18. PiggyProdigy

    Coroplast Substitutes ?

    Hi. I'm building a new cage for my male pigs on Thursdsy, and I was wondering is there any good, cheaper substitutes to coroplast ? It's really expensive and it seems like there is more practical solutions to the bottom of the fleece than that... My dad ordered a grid kit online for my c@c that...
  19. G

    So You Wanna Be A Guinea-owner

    Hey forum people, my name's Liam and I'm 15. I really want to own guiena pigs and I've spent countless hours researching as to not own wrong, but there's just one problem... I am broke. My dad won't loan me for it and I have no way to earn money where I live. I like the idea of c and c cages but...
  20. W

    Need Help

    I have two guinea pigs. They are not fully grown yet and are in a store bought cage that, as expected, isn't big enough. They do get a lot of floor time but I am aware that isn't enough. I want to build a bigger cage for them in a month or so but, even though we live in a house with plenty of...