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Is my piggy aggressive? 🫣

Noodles and Bubbles

New Born Pup
Dec 15, 2022
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Hello everyone!
I have two girls (Noodles 🍜 and Bubbles 🫧)that as long as I know are around 3 months old. We live together for about a week and a half and since yesterday I have noticed a change in Noodles’ behavior. When Bubbles approaches her while she’s eating, Noodles start chasing her around the cage. Most of the time when she catches up with Bubbles she just starts popcorning around her but there are also times when Noodles (at least I hope so) “fake” bites her. It doesn’t look like Bubbles gets hurt but it also is quite disturbing to me because a couple days ago they were eating together really peacefully. I have met a post about aggression in female piggies while they are in their teens (4-14 months old ) but I think that they are a bit young for this. Otherwise they really love to sleep together and sometimes they chase each other around the cage while playing ( these cases look different to me because it is obvious that they are playing).
Should I be worried and should I visit the vet or separate them?
This sounds like perfectly normal teenage and dominant behaviour, not aggression in any way. They certainly are not too young for it!
It is also normal for piggies to reestablish their relationship in any new environment. This takes around two weeks.
The fake biting is called nipping and is a gesture of power by the dominant piggy. It does not break the skin and does not hurt.
Please do not separate them for this kind of dominant behaviour. You don’t need to go to the vet for dominance behaviours.

What size is their cage?
Do they have multiple of every item ie two bottles, two hay piles etc?
Do all hides have two exits so no piggy can get trapped by the other inside a hide?
I would just add, you will likely hear the submissive piggie protesting very vocally, but this doesn't mean that she is being hurt by the more dominant piggie. It translates to something like "I'm not a threat to you, you don't need to chase me!"