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Meeting new friends and looking after your old friends!


Senior Guinea Pig
Sep 17, 2009
Never never land
Since Toby left, I felt the girls cage was missing something. Many years ago, so many I've lost track I imagined having one herd over the two floors and had designed the cage with this in mind. I've always had more than one boy so I've never had the opportunity until now.

Last night I decided it was time to introduce my two remaining girls (terrible twins as I like to call them) to there neighbours. It was a dream meeting and we have pictures obviously!

This is after floortime, when I moved them into there pad.
Bramble's interrogation - Oi this is my pad!

Come on then, let's check this tunnel out.

We've heard trolls under bridges. She prefers to be the guinea pig under the bridge, Who exactly are you?

I'm not ready for friends...

Ok then, you can sleep a pipe length away. Pickle and the twin have been sorting out top spot. I think pickle is the new boss!

Max and Mousey it is love, they are always together - Mousey is over 8 years old and I was really worried about the introductions turns out the girls are nicer than I thought and no one gave her a hard time. If I'm honest she has slept through the full introduction.

We don't appreciate pictures don't you know, my two submissives girl's. Hilariously my top girls have been hanging out on the top floor, with visitors every now and again!

Everyone has settled really well and no one has been mean, no nipping or chasing which I'm happy about. To be honest I expected them to take some time to settle but I guess they are quite happy with there new friends!


Forum Donator 2017/18
Aug 28, 2017
8! What a great age. I’m glad the introduction went well. They all look like very happy and content piggies 😍