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Member Gallery: C&C cages/homemade cages

Lady Kelly

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Jan 11, 2011
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A reminder of the aims of this thread for anyone keeping up to date and wanting to post their cage(s).

Please use this thread to post pictures of your C&C cages or other similar home-made housing. Try to include some information with the photo like:

Cage Type
Where it was purchased or how it was made
What size it is
How many piggies are kept in it
How easy it is to keep clean/if you'd recommend it

Bear in mind that new members will look to this thread as an example of good piggy keeping so photos of accommodation that is inadequately sized, dirty or overcrowded may be removed at the discretion of admin.

This thread is NOT for discussion of the photos, please start a new thread if you need to.

If you want more information about C & C cages (including sourcing), please see this regularly updated link here: All About C & C Grid Cages Around The World