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Jul 2, 2018
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So after many failed attempts at C&C and Midwest type cages I've finally found relief in a commercial cage.
The day I walked in to find my children in the C&C cage with hay everywhere I new it was never going to work, let alone with the cat as well. So I finally found a cage which I love it's the Ferplast 120 Rabbit Cage.

Things I ♡ about this cage are:
1. I can transport it easily in my car for use as a travel and home enclosure.
2. It folds down easily and takes up little room
3. It is fully enclosed with lockable doors, making the piggies feel more secure
4. It's very light weight to transport and clean out
5. The bar spacing is perfect for my water bottle holder and hanging toys from above
6. My darling children can't step into the cage due to the roof
7. It has a hideaway which doubles up as an eating area thus making more space on the main floor. I have put their hay and water up there which further protects the fleece from the hay and dripping bottle.
8. The fleece is so easy to attach, simply place it over he cage and pop the lid on which secures it in the cage, now my piggies can't go under the fleece and I don't spend ages with foldback clips.
9. The Piggies have popcorned all over it.

Below are the pictures, unfortunately my piggies Pertunia & Petals are very camera shy🙄.20180811_114317.jpg20180811_114359.jpg20180811_114427.jpg20180811_114506.jpg
I would 100% recommend this cage it's excellent and very user and piggy friendly ♡.


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Oct 11, 2018
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This is my plaza 160 cage. I use fleece liners in it and so far I love it!
I bought it on zoo plus. The only problem I find is that it's a bit flimsy. Needed to cable tie some of the edges to make it more sturdy. Plus it's a bugger to put together! Lol