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Off To The Vets With The 'three Little Pigs'

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Jul 5, 2014
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Wigan, UK
Bess has been in with the other two babies for a week now, after a weeks quarantine. Everything fine, all lovely. Today I have noticed Bess is starting to get a snotty nose and eye, and Lyza is a little bit snuffly so vet is being called first thing in the morning to book them in to have a once over. I am taking Winnie too so she can be checked over. I'm thinking it's an antibiotic job even if it's just Bess. Apart from that they are all fine, nice and bright and eating and pooping fine so that's a good thing. Poor little ones, hoping the vet sorts them out :)
That's sods law Wiebki! At least with Bess you can see she has got something going on with the snotty nose and gammy eye. I'm hoping I'm just worrying when it comes to the other two, but either way I'd like to be safe than sorry :)
Lots of healing vibes let us know how they get on, you have caught whatever it is brewing early x
I definitely think i'll end up with antibiotics for Bess and Lyza. Not sure about Winnie. No sign of anything un-toward with her but getting her checked anyway.
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