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Junior Guinea Pig
May 10, 2018
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Ohio, USA
hello all!

so my little bootsy was sneezing almost every 10-15 minutes for two days straight. he's a petsmart piggie, so we suspected a URI and returned him temporarily to let them take him to their own vet. we caught the illness early, and he's doing 100% better after one day! when he got back to quarantine early last night, he wanted to be held by all of the staff members, and this morning, i was called and told he's been squeeking and popcorning everytime someone enters the room!

i'm super happy this little guy is going to be okay. he's SUPER tiny, suspected to be the runt AND the youngest out of the litter i chose from (he fits in the palm of my hand at 4-5 months old!)

they're giving him vitamin C drops and some vitamins. he should be home by next saturday!

much love!