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health and wellness

  1. cece78311

    GI Stasis in Guinea Pig

    Hi! So my piggy, Pepe Le' Pew, has been ill for two weeks now. I noticed that he had stopped pooping and hadn't touched his food or water in about a day at first, I took him to a vet soon after and they told me he looked okay, took a fecal sample and tested it and he had no parasites or...
  2. rubberduckytoy

    Weird Thing on my Guinea Pig’s Eye!

    A couple days ago I noticed my baby Ramen’s eye was looking weird and I looked all over the internet to try and find out what’s wrong with her but never found anything. :td: Her behavior hasn’t changed much and she still takes care of herself like before, but she hates it when I try to touch...
  3. mollyrobinson

    Strange mark/patch on sows belly

    I was checking my guinea pigs for fly strike as I’ve had many flies in my apartment due to the hot weather, I have 10 guinea pigs as two of them were misgendered when given to me so I had two pregnant Sows one of which in the pictures below (6 babies between the two of them), the babies are...
  4. A

    Help please! Transporting a 6 year old pig by cargo

    Hi! My family moved recently and we're now bringing our 6 year old guinea pig over. The only option is for him to travel in the cargo hold (the flight is approximately 4 hours long), and I'm extremely worried given his old age and the fact that he will be travelling alone. As I'm aware that...
  5. Guineapigs33


    I recently got Guinea pigs about 2 weeks ago. One seems perfectly healthy and the other seemed healthy for the most part when we first got her. We noticed one of her ears had no fur but her other ear did. Her ear was super red but it’s calmed down a lot since we’ve had her (one of her ears still...
  6. C

    Will guinea pigs grieve for their owner?

    I have recently become very sick and might pass away. Although i know my piggies will be taken care of if i pass, I wanted to know whether they'll grieve my death. I don't even know if they'll know that I passed, however it worries me that they would have to suffer. I am quite young, so...
  7. N

    Baby Guinea pig barely eats and drinks

    So I just got a g/p today and I suppose its understandable that its scared and shy. I am a bit troubled though since it hasnt drunk any water and only ate very little. Is there anything I can do or will it eventually eat on its own?
  8. retro

    New Piggie Pal! Questions and Behavior!

    Requesting some info here, please! Hi! New Piggie Pal here. This is very important to me so please read... I just got two male guinea pigs that have lived together pretty much their whole life. There was a previous owner and that's who I got them from. They are 2 years old, I am told. They seem...
  9. ishimercado

    Wood Chew Sticks

    I recently bought apple chew woodsticks online and I read somewhere that I should put in the freezer for about a day or two just to make sure there are no insects that might cause harm to my girl. What are your thoughts about chew woodsticks for baby guinea pigs?
  10. P

    Pink urine and white substance on one of my pigs gentiles? (slightly bigger cage)

    I've noticed the shaving in my piggies cage near the litterbox has been pink sometimes. I've been reading a few of the threads and some owners have mentioned pinkish or red urine coming from their guinea pigs. I've seen some areas with the shavings pink and I assumed that it was just a...
  11. rinlalin

    Piggie Popcorning After Vet!

    hello all! so my little bootsy was sneezing almost every 10-15 minutes for two days straight. he's a petsmart piggie, so we suspected a URI and returned him temporarily to let them take him to their own vet. we caught the illness early, and he's doing 100% better after one day! when he got back...
  12. M

    Enrobactin For Guinea Pigs

    Hi all We have recently taken out pigs to the vets and one has been prescribed virbac enrobactin. The vet has told us to administer 0.7ml by syringe daily. On the box for the medication and in the instructions it says to dilute the solution but the vet didn't mention this at all and we are...
  13. H

    My Journey With "an Evil Pig"

    Hello! My name is Hayley and i would like to share my experience thus far as a guinea pig owner to give new pet parents a new perspective on raising boars and/or sows. My first interaction with a guinea pig was when i started my job in pet care at my local Petsmart. We were a brand new...
  14. W

    Guinea Pig Is Sneezing

    I have two guinea pigs. They have been treated for a URI a couple weeks ago since they were sneezing and one had a crusty eye. I went on holidays and after 15 days I saw them and they seemed to be doing great, their fur was amazingly soft and they had grown a bit more (they're 4 and 6 months...
  15. P

    White Spots In Cage For Two Weeks

    My Guinea pig is about 10 weeks old and for two weeks now she's had white spots in her cage. I know it's excess calcium, but how long does it last or what should I do? I've changed her piggy food thinking it might have too much calcium and she hasn't had celery or carrots in awhile. Thank you! :)
  16. Mysticcat3

    Guinea May Have Mites But Hates Water! Help!

    My guinea pig Newton has been very itchy and has been losing his hair (it might be stress.) I looked it up and his symptoms matched with fleas and mites. I've also notice white flecks on his butt (it looks like scruff or bits of his bedding to me.) Just in case he has mites, I want to give him a...
  17. tackyberry

    How Cold Is Too Cold?

    Hi very simple question, and I know you're going to give me the perfect 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit but i need to know if worse comes to worse what is TOO cold for a single, long haired, indoor guinea (also too hot if you will). :luv:Please and Thank You!:luv:
  18. Ginnyandpia

    Sudden Cold Shoulder?

    I've had my Ginny Pig since July 11th 16', she was about 2 months when I got her and two others at my boarding school. I just recently left, bringing her home and having to leave the other two as they didn't belong to me. She was home for about two before I came home for good, and when I came...
  19. Bethers

    Piggie Fungal Infection

    Hi, I hope someone can advice and reassure me. I'm new to guinea pigs, I have two little boys. Yesterday I noticed around Dexters eyes he had lost some hair and it looked sore i asked a couple of people and they said it's a fungal infection, I can't afford to take both the piggies to the...
  20. M

    Male Guinea Pig Fight Left Wounds- How Should I Treat Them?

    Yesterday I was doing floor time in a big space with my two guinea pigs who are brothers, Alan and Blondie. I left them alone for a little bit to clean their cage. They live together in one cage but they are seperated from each other because they always use to have little squabbles that die off...