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Scruff Pot - An Update

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Junior Guinea Pig
Apr 26, 2015
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Hi Everyone

Sorry for being a bit quiet, it seems all the hard work with Scruff caught up with me and I've not been very well myself recently!

But I just thought I'd update you all to let you know she's still here and is doing so much better - tonight in floor time she actually sprinted! The first time I've seen her properly run since before all of her issues.

She still has the occasional gassy day, having to be very cautious with what veggies she is allowed now, and still monitoring her for any changes to suggest cysts are coming back.

Her fur still hasn't properly grown back on her aides after she was shaved by the bets but it's slowly getting there, I think because it's in prime grooming, happy scratch areas that it might take longer than her belly did

But I just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone here that was so supportive.

If things carry on this way I'm hoping my little panda will be here for a good while longer - at five 1/2 she's still as cheeky as the day I got her!
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