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Serious Postoperative Complications?

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Mar 24, 2016
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Hi everyone.
I'm new to the forum and don't really know how to keep things clear enough for you to understand, but I'll try to briefly describe the situation:
So, I have two lovely boys, Drew and Barrone (both are about 2,5 years old), who get ill quite often, unfortunately. They've both been alright for a while until last Saturday/ Sunday, that's when I noticed something odd about Drew. He's normally really bright, active and a little aggressive towards Barrone (I keep them in the same cage, but it's split in half so they can't fight), he also hates being held for longer than a few minutes and starts biting and scratching me if I don't let go of him on time, but I just blame it on his rather dominant personality. Now, the problem is I noticed he was unexceptionally calm and quiet during the weekend but I decided not to panic too much because it wasn't the first time he was in a sort of bad mood. But then I realised Drew had trouble walking; he wasn't exactly dragging his back feet, it just looked like he had to put more effort into it. Then he stopped eating his veggies, and drinking water, but still munched on his hay cookies, so I thought taking him to the vet would be the best course of action. So I got an appointment for Tuesday, and after the regular checkup, Drew was diagnosed with malocclusion :c To be completely honest with you I kind of expected this to happen. I mean, I've done some research prior to the visit and had a rough idea of what the problem could be. Still though, my heart dropped. David (the vet) said we should get Drew's molars filed asap and gave me another appointment for Wednesday morning. He got an x-ray of the tummy to make sure there weren't any bladder/ kidney stones, then he was put under GA and had his dental work done.
When I got home from work (I got my sister to pick up Drew from the vet's), he was doing quite well. I mean, he wasn't moving much and I had to hand feed him with Science Recovery and some water, but other than that he still seemed bright.
When I woke up today, Drew was hiding in his hut and not moving, so I tried to give him some more SR, but he spat most of it out and I got the vet so see him again since he wasn't improving at all :c He inspected Drew and decided to keep him in the practice for a few hours, but when we got back home I noticed he got even worse! He's like a puppet now, doesn't walk or stand up, he didn't fight when I fed him. He didn't open his mouth at all and I needed to ask my mum for help to force some food into him, and now he's making that weird hooting/wheezing/clicking noise when breathing and I'm really, REALLY worried about him. He's literally too weak to do ANYTHING!
Does anyone know if this is a normal behaviour? Or could there be another problem that the vets missed?

PS: So sorry about the length of this post!


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Mar 10, 2009
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Coventry UK

I am ever so sorry for you! The lethargy is very worrying. Have you been given any painkiller?

Please do not try to force feed a guinea pig that is to weak to swallow; you can only give very tiny portions (about 0.1 - 0.2 ml at a time and then wait until that has gone down) or you get things going down the wrong way, which is what has happened there. If he is not able to process any food anymore, he may also resist any feeding. :(
Complete Syringe Feeding Guide

Please keep him warm (but not hot) and as comfy as you can.

it sounds like either a bad reaction to the GA or an underlying or connected health issue due to the dental problems, but it can only be guessing.

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