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Bob and Ron

This morning i was cleaning out my piggies.I'd just finished cleaning coco-pops cage ,as usual he dived straight into the fresh hay and readi grass. That was when for the first time,he made a noise i can only describe as snuffling-just like a young baby with a bunged up nose.Could this be a reaction to the fresh hay(baled) ? do piggies get the occassional snuffles? I'm keeping my eye on him in case he may be developing a cold... i've been lucky enough to not have an ill piggy before,is there anything that may help him,food/medication wise ? I've never heard him make this noise before-all the other piggies are fine,no-one with a cold has been near him....advice please !


wow, you are a very god owner, if that was my, i would have giggled and thought it was cute :-\ sorry, no advice ive never had a piggy with a cold :)


Sounds like an allergic reaction.If there are no other symptoms ,and he is eating,no need to worry.
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