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Marta Ferreira

New Born Pup
Nov 17, 2017
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Hi there,

I’m completely new to this forum and to owning Guinea Pigs. I’ve loved them for a long time and have just adopted 3 lady rescue guinea pigs. I believe the hutch they came with is far too small to house 3 of them. I’ve noticed bickering and it just all feels a bit cramped so I’m on the hunt for a new hutch. However I’m finding it hard to find one that’s big enough for 3 of them. Unfortunately I do not have the space for a shed or playhouse set up but surely there must be a hutch out there big enough for 3 of them? I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? They are outdoor guinea pigs but rest assured they have a cover and heat pad too, would love to have them indoors but unfortunately no space there either. They’re not big fans of their current ramp either so was wondering if there’s any advice out there for getting them used to a ramp too.

Thank you in advance :)
Welcome to the forum! This is definitely the right place for info and piggy nuttery! :))

I presume it's 3 girls you have? As unfortunately 3 boys don't tend to work out into adulthood. If it's 3 girls you have then there are plenty of great hutches! The minimum I think is 5 foot by 2 foot for 3 ladies and generally it's best to have just the one level but that's up to you :)

I personally like the Great & Small jumbo hutch as it's very robust, but I'd also recommend putting Lino down in hutches to stop the wee soaking into the wood as it preserves it longer!

And as always, photos are always appreciated of your gorgeous new babies! :D
Thank you for replying! Yes it’s 3 ladies I have. They’re very skittish and timid that’s due to not being handled much and being in a bad home so currently in the process of winning them over.

I did have a look at that one but wasn’t sure if t would be big enough so thank you as that’ll definitely be a contender. I want to get them the biggest hutch possible but hard to find one across one level as most are double storey. Here are the 3 ladies. Penny, Fiona and Cinnamon.

Oh they're lovely! Such gorgeous colours too :D

That hutch is probably the smallest I'd go but if you wanted bigger someone else recently posted a thread about 6ft hutches, I'll see if I can tag you in it if that would help :)
Beautiful little piggies you have! Welcome to the forum

For a trio of ladies you are looking for 2ft x 6ft as a hutch size

Could you add your location to your profile as it helps us tailor any advice if ever needed to your geographical location

Welcome again
I have two 6 feet hutches,i bought them from Home and Roost website.you will need the snuggle and cover.i also have a Blue bell hutch from PAH,it is five feet in lenght,have a thermal cover,that has two boys in it.:)