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  1. Hnrpiggies

    Someone on the Guinea pigs Facebook page said this hutch was suitable for four sows, is this true?

    Hi. I’ve got four girls. They’re currently in a 5ft hutch with two floors and it’s too small for them and I hate it. My parents decided to take down my 3x4 cc cage and stick them back in the hutch without telling me because they didn’t like how much space it took up, and they are redecorating...
  2. M

    What to do with a newly lone piggie

    After 6 years of looking after them both, one of my guinea pigs died yesterday morning. I still havent really processed it and I just have a general awful feeling of loss but I really dont know what I can do for my remaining piggie, Panda. He's also 6 years old and quite aggressive (it took...
  3. W

    Hutch for the pigs

    i've got two guinea pigs, my parents are moving house and I've been told that I need to get them a hutch/run for outside. They're currently indoor pigs and a much as i'd love to keep it that way, my mum has told me they can't stay in my room when we move. Would just like some advice on what to...
  4. isabelbella

    Guinea pig 5ft chartwell hutch

    Hello! I'm going to be buying a hutch for my two boers as it is heating up a bit now so can have them outside for the warmer season. Has anyone got the 5ft chartwell hutch? (i think its labeled as a rabbit hutch but works for guinea pigs), I just haven't be able to find many detailed reviews...
  5. O

    Foxglove Hutch Flooring Measurements

    Hello! I currently have the Pets At Home Foxglove hutch sitting empty in my garden, I have some boars I am looking to put outside but the flooring needs to be replaced completely, does anyone have the measurements for the flooring? I’m looking to have two separate levels to keep two boars on...
  6. Flinty

    Dog safe indoor guinea pig set ups?

    Hello, lovely people! I may soon be moving house, and in the new home I will finally be able to have my own dog (something I've thought about every day for a good few years) I have two guinea pigs who currently live in a 6X2 CC enclosure, and I'm looking for ways in the new home for the...
  7. Jesse's pigs

    Outside or Inside?

    I’m having a bit of a dilemma at the moment and I’m honestly torn. I have kept all of my Guinea pigs indoors and they’ve all occupied my bedroom- a nice warm room that I frequent so they get human interaction loads and I can cuddle them as much as I want lol. I love having them next to...
  8. M

    Guinea pig houses

    Hey I have two male guinea pigs, they are babies at the moment so are currently living in a 4ft hutch and during the day they have a good sized pen if the weather is good. However, they are getting bigger and I would like to get them a bigger hutch as they will definitely need it. What is the...
  9. X

    Hutch recommendations

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can tell me what their preference is on Chartwell versus FeelGoodUK hutches? We will be new owners next weekend of piggies, and I want to make sure we get it right. I see that the FeelGood versions have trays that you can pull out to clean, but not sure if that is...
  10. J

    Two three month old boars fighting

    We recently bought 2 brother guinea-pigs. After having 3 sets of female guinea pigs who all lived happy long lives we thought males would be much the same and easy going... However, they started scrapping about 3 weeks ago and it progressively got worse resulting in one now missing half of his...
  11. F

    Adapt a hutch, build a small house or donate?

    Hello everyone, how are you all doing? So, my situation is pretty specific. I have had two female guinea pigs for like 3-4 months now, and they've been kept in an indoor C&C cage this whole time. However, I've had some extreme issues with my landlord (I live in Australia), and I'm having to...
  12. Livylou


    Please help me find a large outdoor hutch that is sturdy and provides enough room...I'm really struggling as pet shops don’t provide any that I seem to like and I don’t always trust online shops as you can’t view the product :)
  13. M

    Is it okay to keep guinea pigs outside?

    Hey, newbie here, but I was wondering if it’s okay to keep guinea pigs outside. I currently have my two boars in a 150 cm by 75 cm hutch in my balcony (away from potential predators such as dogs or cats), where they can get enough interaction with me, as it’s just beside my room. However, I live...
  14. Teazel 2017


    What is the best style hutch for 5 guinea pigs outside? I have an opened bottomed one but saw a fox sniffing around it last night. Looking for a solid bottomed one now. Any suggestions?
  15. Teazel 2017

    Guinea Pig Hutch?

    I am wanting to get a new hutch to house my 5 guinea pigs. They have always lived outside, and the hutch they are living in looks like it may collapse in the next few months. I would like to have a replacement lined up for that. I do not want another mobile hutch, but one on legs or something...
  16. P

    Is it okay to get a hutch for my piggies?

    Many of the threads I've read on here about hutches involve people bringing them inside because of the increasing cold. I got my piggies just this Wednesday (I've only had them for about 5 days or so at the time I'm posting this). I'm just wondering if it would be wise to buy a hutch for my pigs...
  17. LothianCavies

    New piggie palace!

    In my ongoing quest to make sure the boys stay together we have upcycled a toddler bed to give them lots of room. Also, I'm a children's book illustrator and, as I wanted the piggies in the centre of our home, I felt it needed to be pretty too! Not a main concern for the piggies, but nice for...
  18. MiloAndJake

    Guinea pigs won’t come out of their hutch.

    I just got my 2 baby guinea pigs on Tuesday, they’re said to be about 8 weeks old. They have seemed to of settled into their outdoor hutch really well and all however they will not come out into their run through the day to play on the grass. I have attatched their run onto their hutch so they...
  19. TheLottiediarys

    How To Safely Attach Run To Hutch?

    Hi, I was wondering what's the best way to safely attach a run to a hutch that isnt an all in one hutch/run, so its safe to let then wander in and out through the day?
  20. Lil3piggies

    Transition From Inside To Out!

    Hello! More questions I’m afraid haha. So we currently have Arty in a hutch indoors (he is getting a friend very soon!) the hutch was intended for outdoors but I sweet talked my other half into letting it stay in the spare room but he keeps saying about it going outside in the better weather...