1. Siikibam

    Stuck On Which Hutch!

    I was leaning towards the chartwell hutch (5 foot) but after reading some mixed views I'm now unsure. I was browsing home and roost and came across this. I don't know if this would be a decent option. I've also found another. There's also the great and small jumbo hutch from pets corner. Though...
  2. Siikibam

    Looking For A Hutch

    I'm prepping to get myself (and the children) some guinea pigs and have been hunting around for hutches. I've yet to know what sex I'll be getting but it'll be two pigs. It seems those from pet shops aren't recommended but where do I go to find a reputable breeder or rescue place? Back to...
  3. sparkle

    Guinea Pigs Questions.

    Recently I have been thinking about moving my guinea pigs from outdoors to indoors. I have already asked about this however, I am now trying to think a bit about the space I have and other animals I may be getting in the future. I have a few questions and I would really appreciate it if anyone...
  4. sparkle

    Pros And Cons Of Keeping Guinea Pigs Indoors Or Outdoors?

    I have 2 guinea pigs who are living outside and I am considering bringing them in permanently. I have another forum post where I was asking a bit about bringing guinea pigs indoors however, I decided to make another one asking for the pros and cons of keeping guinea pigs indoors or outdoors. If...
  5. sparkle

    Outdoors To Indoors

    I currently have 2 guinea pigs who have been leaving outside for a few years now. I'm considering purchasing a new hutch for them soon as I am hoping to be able to afford to upgrade to a two floor hutch soon however, I have been thinking about bringing my guinea pigs inside for a while now and...
  6. B

    Blocking A Ramp?

    hi there, I just got two sows about 7weeks old and I have a two storey hutch however the ramp is too daunting for babies so I want to block it off is Mdf wood safe to cover the opening it's slightly raised but is very stable and secure as I want them to be on the top level where the sleeping...
  7. H

    Hutch Care

    Hi piggie parents... our piggies came to live with us yesterday (2 young boars)... they have a hutch with access down a ramp to a run. I'm currently using newspaper to line the hutch.. then a layer of dust extracted wood shavings in the main area, and filling their bedroom area with Timothy hay...
  8. E_Blackaby

    Double Hutch Idea!

    Hi! So I'm pretty sure the standard hutch for most people housing their Guinea pigs outside is the classic 2 storey wooden hutch (probably from pets at home) Basically I have had 7 pigs in my life and out of all of them only 1 has ever learnt to use the stairs in the hutch which essentially...
  9. B


    Hey people! I'm new to this. I have a question that I can't seem to find any answers on! What on earth is unlocking our guinea pigs hutch when we've gone to sleep at night? I am waking up and finding the door open each morning, luckily no vanished pigs! The locks are on the outside and are made...
  10. MJG

    Found An Old Run Down Summer Project

    So guys , me hunting around on eBay I've found an outside hutch with a run underneath , so this will allow me to put them out everyday as the top will be stuffed with hay and warm and the bottom will be on grass so even if it does drizzle they'll have somewhere to hide ! It cost 99p but I think...
  11. Chuckie J

    Help Dealing With A Visiting Mouse

    Hello! Our girls Judy & Liza live in an outdoor hutch - this sort of style: For a long while we've had a little dormouse visitor who comes to the ground at the bottom of the cage, probably to enjoy some of the hay that the girlies have pushed out of the cage. Just recently we've noticed that...
  12. E

    6 Guinea Pigs 2 Double Hutches Joined

    nan joined the cages and now we have 2 neuterd boars and 4 sows
  13. RJade

    Ramp Problems!

    Hi! Two days ago I bought three male guinea pigs from a breeder and I've put them in the two tier hutch. i left them in there for about 20 minutes and watched them, I'm unsure if they were just being skittish due to travel and a new environment, but they just kept dropping down the gap not...
  14. MollyB

    Cleaning Up An Old Hutch

    Hi All! I've purchased a used hutch; the wood is still sturdy, but there's some urine staining around the wood on the bottom of the 2 levels. What's the best way to disinfect, and neutralise the scenting on the wood? I've seen some people use vinegar, bleach, disinfectant, but I'd really like...
  15. kerri Davidson

    Guinea Pig Safe Paint

    I'm in the process of building a new wooden guinea pig indoor hutch. I'm almost finished but would quite like to paint the finished cage. It would just be for the inside and outside walls as the floors have been done with sticky back floor tiles then will be covered with wood shavings so they...
  16. K

    Moving Piggies Outside

    I really need some advice. I have 2 girls. Since i got them (8 months ago) they've been in a cage in our house. However the cage is outside my room and i've become allergic. My allergies started in February when they must have been shedding? but they're really bad now. I constantly need my...
  17. coco&chanel

    Fleece Care

    Hi I have ordered some fleece which should be coming this week. It is for an outdoor hutch. I was just wondering if anyone had any helpful tips about looking after fleece.. Best temperature to wash it at, what to wash it in, how often etc. Will i have to look after it differently as it is...
  18. Chewbacca2004

    Paddling Pool Indoor Floor Time

    Hello Recently i have been finding lots of suggestions and pins on pinterest about keeping your guineas in a paddling pool (as an enclosure: not swimming:nod:) inside i was thinking that i could pop the guineas in a paddling pool with their toys and hideys as i kind of indoor run whilst the...
  19. Littlewheekers

    Outdoor Accommodation Ideas?

    has anyone got any outside accommodation to house 3 pigs as I recently got a new one, it must be warm during winter time, pictures would be great! I would love to see your ideas!:D:help:
  20. mackenzieaj96

    Is This House Suitable For My Piggies?

    Is this house going to work for my 3 pigs? I know it is big enough, but I want to know if they will be able to make it up and down the ramp?