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Oct 3, 2016
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Hello fellow slaves!
Another story to hopefully brighten the cold day ! Yesterday I had the day off work and decided after letting the boys out to come downstairs and watch a little bit of JEremy Kyle (making sure it was suitable for them to watch ) haha! Both of them went gooey and cuddly and lovely and thought ah yes this is how I want them all the time ( not a hope in hell ! They are stil only young but in time hopefully they'll calm down they do enjoy climbing and running etc) so then the door bells rings ( I'd already put Goliath back in the travel box so that left Titan on my shoulder ) making sure he was safe I gently stood up and answered the door to the postman . Poor postman stared a bit it's probably not normal to see a 5foot girl with a massive guniea pig on her shoulder :D and then right on que he pees all down my front so his bum was facing the postman and this wasn't a small pee oh no it was a saved wee he must have held it in for ages . I'd love to say I was wearing black . But no. I was wearing grey . The postman was like right I'll leave you to it and made a hasty retreat! Took him down and said thanks buddy , he gave me another smug look. Titan 1 Molly 0

I'm sure he does it on purpose !
Must be something In the air ! How is the hunt for homes going ?!
Well Bailey the guineapig is comeing to day to find a best friend :D i cant wait.
Oh fab ! Please please please post some photos later ! Dying to see !
BOTH!! Slight Guniea pig addict here LOL
Oml I put the females outside this morning i cant wait till monday when the two other c&c cages come they are pannels rather than mesh so the babies cant slip through so acorn and the orphans and fushia can finally get out of the special case boxes and get some more freedom without the little boys bothering them or them escapeing.
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