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  1. T

    Feeling immense guilt over new adoption

    Hello everyone. Recently, one of my beloved sows passed away very suddenly. Her companions, who are both quite young (<6 months) were as distraught as I was. I checked everywhere for a sow needing a home in order to help with the bereavement, but none of the rescues in my province had any pigs...
  2. H

    Lamenting and advice?

    Hi there! I'm new to the forums and really need to find people that understand my anger right now. Recently, within the last month or so, I've adopted a guinea pig from a new friend. I won't go too into detail to remain anonymous. He's around a year and a half out and a very sweet, but very...
  3. C

    Ethical Angst over Time between Adoptions :(

    Hello everyone, I am incredibly thrilled to adopt my first guinea pigs! Although I haven't owned cavies yet, I've done quite a bit of research and feel as ready as I'll ever be. My only question is this: I would love to rehome a lone boar from CL, neuter him, than place him with a pair of one...
  4. angelalockhart

    Lonely Guinea Pig

    Hi :) A little backstory first... Last year I adopted 2 baby guinea pigs, unfortunately several months later one of them passed away and we were left with 1. So we bought another guinea pig to keep him company. Just as of yesterday, the 2nd guinea pig that we bought passed away suddenly and now...
  5. S

    Can I Adopt Two New Spayed Sows For The Two Non-neutered Boars I Already Have?

    Hey everyone, so this is my first post so bare with me if I posted in the wrong section. So I already have two boars, Mr. Waffles and Pollo, and I bought them both at a pet store. I didn't know any better, at that point, I didn't even know you could adopt or rescue a guinea pig, much less...
  6. Shelby._.

    Two Newly Bonded Pigs In One Carrier?

    I have a new update! So I found a rescue and it is 4 hours away from my home. I can’t drive yet but we will be in that city in April for a horse expo. So if Gus is stilling doing ok in the next 2 and 1/2 months and everything works out with the rescue I may be adopting a friend for Gus which...
  7. Shelby._.

    What To Do When Adoption Isn’t An Option?

    Hello, recently I had a guinea pig pass away leaving his cage mate Gus all alone. Gus has been handling it very well and the only behavioral change is that his a bit more skidish than normal. But none the less I will definitely be getting Gus a new buddy. The only problem is my nearest rescue...
  8. A

    I Am Desperately Looking For A Spayed Female Piggy

    I live in Georgia.I have a 1 year old male piggy.I have been looking for a partner for him.I CANT FIND ONE ANYWHERE!Any advise or links to adoptable piggies?
  9. Celine298

    Happy Birthday Lola-jean :)

    Today is Lola-Jean's birthday! Well, it's a celebration of the day I got her :P She a little pocket-rocket, full of business and energy! Constantly chatting to her brother Sunny, or anyone who'll listen, the loudest of wheekers and a fearless little explorer who (I discovered quite early on)...
  10. Sporgan

    Unexpected Death Of A Young Boar, Do I Need To Get Another Playmate For His Brother?

    Over the weekend a tragic accident resulted in the very tough decision to have one of my fur babies put to sleep to end his suffering. The whole day was very emotional, unusual and difficult for me but also for my other guinea pig - his brother and cage mate of 2 years. I have been monitoring...
  11. E

    Hay Allergy?

    Hi y'all, I recently have been planning to adopt a guinea from Petsmart. For those who don't know how this works, usually Petsmart will give up their pets for adoption for free, if they are no longer resell-able. The little ones may be ill or they were returned from previous owners. In my case...
  12. Beans&Toast

    Happy 2nd Adoption Anniversary Beans And Toasty

    It's been 2 years today since I adopted Beans and Toast. If only I'd known at the time the stress that comes with these 2 pigs... :)) They didn't have the best start to life, unwanted children's play thing and left neglected in a hutch - they now live a life of absolute luxury! Since getting...
  13. Kallasia

    Piggie Cravings!

    So I have two wonderful boys - they give me so much joy. But, I'd like to expand our little family! Thing is, my partner thinks we're fine as four. I kind of see where he's coming from but... How do you guys fight the urge to just adopt every piggie from your local rescue and have a tribe of...
  14. Sara’s Piggies

    Need Advice Quick

    I found a year old female guineapig on craiglist a woman is trying to get rid of. It's never been with other piggies other than when it was a baby. I currently have two 4 month old guineapigs. I would love to give this guineapig a good home with friends. It makes me sad it's been by itself. Do...
  15. Stewybus

    Tees Valley Guinea Pig Rescue - New Facebook Adoption Group

    I'm pleased to announce that Tees Valley Guinea Pig Rescue have a new Facebook Adoption page where our guinea pigs available can be easily found by type ie Male Pairs, Female Pairs, Wife & Husboar Pairs, Solo Females, Neutered Solo Males, Unneutered Solo Males. To find what you're looking for...
  16. S

    Adoption And Sex

    Hey guys! So I'm a new piggie owner and I wanted to get my boar, Ferdinand, a playmate. I know many people promote adoption over pet shops, which I totally love, but there are no adoption centers near me. So just stick with pet stores? Also, I'm not sure about what sex to get. Another boar...
  17. Beans&Toast

    Beans And Toast's Adoption Anniversary

    ***Warning: long, soppy post.*** It's the 1 year anniversary of when I got the beautiful Beans and Toasty. As soon as I seen them I had to get them, I just fell in love with them instantly. Both were very neglected/mistreated by previous owners, Toast was left in a hutch and Beans was an...
  18. Luna1

    I Have One Male And I Think He Is Lonely :(

    I adopted my male guinea pig from the adoption centre at pets at home and I want to find him a friend, but obviously being a male there is a large chance of fighting if I got another male, I've thought of neutering him and getting a female, but he is only around 1 year old so I don't think that...