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aggression in sows

  1. G

    Guinea pig being aggressive towards one person

    Hi, so I have two lovely female piggies who are about to turn 6 called Nutmeg and Pixie and another (called Dandelion) who sadly just passed away. I've had Nutmeg and Pixie since they were little and they get on well with each other and they love to sit on my lap and be cuddled (especially if I...
  2. P

    Very Aggressive Female

    Hello. I REALLY need some help. I've had guinea pigs for many years now, and never had any issues with aggression. The most recent addition to my pig family has unfortunately changed that. As time passes she just keeps becoming more aggressive, and I don't know what to do. I've looked everywhere...
  3. Cloefreeman

    Help! Aggressive piggy T.T

    Hello! Please help, I'm starting to get desperate :( I've been introducing my piggies in neutral spaces for 3 months, but from the very first moment Moira (female) attacks Vega (female) every single time, and now Vega is absolutely terrified of her and Moira feels even more powerful. She...
  4. J

    Sows fighting

    I originally had 4 rescue females and 2 turned out to be pregnant having 3 babies each, 3 boys and 3 girls. So I now have a trio of boys and a herd of 7 girls. The herd of 7 girls live in a 2 by 11 c & c cage on aubiose covered in copious amounts of hay, and have lots of hides and enrichment...
  5. A

    Re-bonding after babies?

    Hello all - I have two sows, Rumor and Spooky, both under a year old. Didn't know Ru was pregnant when I adopted them, but isn't that the way? She was already in late phases by the time I found out, so the ladies were separated accordingly. Five days ago she had her babies, two sows and a...
  6. cashewandpeppa

    Is this normal? Strong season for sows

    We’re on day FOUR of what seems to be the strongest season possible for Peppa. Can I get some opinions on the video below? Peppa lifted Cashew’s chin and nibbled - never seen this before. Usually just chin raises. Peppa has been rumble strutting for four days straight now. She’ll rumble and...
  7. basicpiggies

    Sudden Aggression From Sow

    Hi everyone. I have three guinea pigs. Two of them I adopted at the same time and they’ve always been glued at the hip and very close. Starting last night, one of them has seemed to not be able to coexist with the other one. Even if her friend passes her, she starts loudly chattering and getting...
  8. C

    Aggressive Guinea Pig

    Hello All, I had two guinea pigs and I had to surrender one due to personal issues. Ruby and Coco lived in the same cage until there was ALOT of fighting and blood was drawn so I separated the girls at night and then brought them together during the day. I couldn’t trust them together and I...
  9. M

    2 Girls Fighting

    Hi Everyone I have just joined. I have 2 female guinea pigs, they are only 8-12 weeks old and we have had them for nearly two weeks. They have a two tier hutch, with toys, varied diet etc and come out for floor time every evening for a couple of hours. Tonight however the slightly larger one...