1. M

    Meloxicam dosage?

    I have a guinea pig (Alfie) presumed to have arthritis. I recently moved states. I had an amazing vet in the previous state and I recently tried a new vet as my other pig (Astro) is showing signs of arthritis. The previous vet had said that using some of Alfie’s meds for Astro is fine. The...
  2. merrypiglets

    Older piggie not feeling well/agitated with cage mate?

    Gizmo is my pig who I've had for the past 5 years. He has also lived with his cage mate Captain for that entire time. Until the past year Gizmo was always the very healthy one out of my pigs. He's the more dominant pig in the cage with Captain and they have had some small dominance battles in...
  3. Fluffy Piggy Owner

    Arthritis and Hemp Oil

    Hello everyone, my 5 year old piggy Michelle has Arthritis and we have been searching the web for ways to reduce her pain. We recently came across Hemp Oil. We were wondering if anyone else has used this and what the results were on your piggy! If someone knows about this please reply with some...
  4. Minniemary

    New Guinea pig metacam for arthritis in elderly pig

    Hi all, I have a pig who is coming in to 6.5 years who has really started to slow down recently. He has some superficial hair loss of his hind legs and he's exploring his cage much less these days so I'm fairly certain he's experiencing some level of pain due to arthritis. Other than this he is...
  5. TaraS-D

    Piggy with athritis

    I went to the vet to check my piggy as I noticed she was lying a bit more than usual and had some bumps on her . The vet said she had arthritis and gave me medication to give to her. Is there any thing else I can do to help her and make sure she’s okay?
  6. Beans&Toast

    Beans Is Limping On Front Paw

    I cannot believe the run of bad luck both Beans and Toast are having, Beans is really getting it hard just now though I could cry. In the space of a month I've had her at the vets (usually emergency vets) 4 times. 1st because she temporarily lost the use of her back legs due to pain from...
  7. E

    Arthritis In Back Legs

    Hi, We have 3 guinea pigs, all girl siblings, and they're outside piggies. One of our girls recently developed arthritis in her back legs (discovered last night as we had taken her to the vets). She's been put on metacam, and we're keeping a close eye on her, as she's eating and drinking fine...
  8. Beans&Toast

    Transdermal Tramadol

    Has anyone used this? Beans was to be put on Tramadol drops for her arthritis but the vet (not my normal piggy vet) said these aren't in production anymore, so he would order transdermal tramadol gel... It would be rubbed on her ears, downside being it can sometimes cause dermatitis. Any...
  9. Beans&Toast

    Beans Is Struggling To Get Up/walk

    Beans has, in the vets words, "crippling arthritis" in her back legs and has done for a couple months, possibly longer. She's on 0.4 Loxicom for pain relief and up until now has been managing just fine. Over the past few weeks I have noticed she seems to be walking a bit funny sometimes so...
  10. Elgifu321

    Possible Kidney Disease?

    So at the beginning of September I lost my beautiful boy Oswyn and his cagemate Rupert was lonely so I got two new baby boars and Rupert popcorned and played zoomies and was so happy to have new piggy friends it was lovely to watch... But when Oswyn died, I'd noticed Rupert was a touch...
  11. GuineaPig24


    My pig is roughly 4 years old, and recently has been very mean to me (which is quite unlike him) Today, though I got him out of his cage and all he wants to do is cuddle. Normally he would jump up all the stairs to get up (which is my favorite thing ever!) but now he won't jump up unless I help...