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baby guinea pig

  1. S

    Nap Time Noises; is he happy/comfortable or scared?

    Heya everyone! So I have two baby guinea pigs; Honk & Hank, I’ve had them for around a month now and absolutely adore them! 😁 I just thought I’d film a bit of lap time with Honk to see if his behaviour/noises indicate being comfortable/happy or annoyed 😊 I’ve never owned guinea pigs before...
  2. raining.ashes

    Nursing Sow Screams to get away from babies

    Honestly, I can't tell if it's a cry for help or food, but it still gives me a good laugh. Vivi, my 7 minth old mom of 4 new borns will stand and the middle of her cage and scream/wheek until I either feed her or take her away from the kids. After a while she starts wheeking again and I put her...
  3. S

    New Guinea Pigs Behaviour

    Hello! I’m new here as I have just got my little guinea pigs 😁 they are 2 months old and came home with me 5 days ago now. Me and my boyfriend already have so much love for them and spend a lot of time talking to them, holding and stroking them. I will attach a little video of them in their play...
  4. piggielover21

    Bonding a baby piggie with my two year old piggie HELP!

    HELP! So I've had two boys for two years both just over two years of age. Sadly recently I have lost one, he got poorly and had to be put to sleep :( . My boy Dexter has done amazing since, at first I could tell he missed him but six weeks on he's back to normal. He's a very fat fluffy pipgie...
  5. GrandmaGuinea

    Sudden Loss Of Baby Guinea...need Advice Please

    NOTE: Apologies for the length of this message. We sincerely thank you in advance for taking the time to read. As of last week we became the proud grandparents of two baby pigggies (both female, 3 months old) that we bought for my daughter for her birthday. She was so happy and excited to be...
  6. babyandtheo

    Small Lump On My Baby Guinea Pig?

    Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot At first I thought maybe it was just tangled hair and I was gonna cut it off then the more I felt, the more I realized that it might be connected to his skin? He's 6 weeks old and lives with his brother baby who is also 6 weeks and does not have...
  7. lovewalkedby

    New Guinea Pig(s)?

    i have had my sow, amy, for four years now and sadly she has been kept alone for two years. i have never tried resocializing her after my last sow, cookie, passed away (two years ago). the reason i haven’t tried pairing her up isn’t because she seems rude or i believe she wouldn’t do well with...
  8. alf1et

    Safe Guinea Pig Toys

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could please help me, I have been doing lots of research for about 6/7 months because I am getting 2 baby American guinea pigs and I can't find any information on weather or not RUBBER toys are safe for guinea pigs. I was wondering if anyone could please help me...
  9. Beans&Toast

    Maple Meets Beans

    So Maple joined the family on Thursday (I changed her name to Maple, I just think she suits it and it fits in with the food theme, Maple syrup :drool:). Beans had been a bit lonely since losing Toast and wasn't quite herself anymore. Enter Maple. She is from the Ayr guinea pig rescue centre...
  10. K

    Baby Guinea Pig Diet And Grass..

    I'm getting 2 baby boys next week. I've been reading up on their diet and I'm getting confused and unsure of what to listen to and what not.. the breeder has told me which food to buy for them which is fine but it's the extras they need to be fed for vitamin C.. there is so much information I...
  11. W

    I'm Really Worried

    I got my first piggy (Nymeria) 5 days ago on my birthday and, even though she's a bit of a nervous one, everything has been fine. Yesterday, while buying things for her, I decided to get her a friend. The baby piggy is around 2 months old and was very calm at first. After I introduced her to...
  12. Mishatoe

    My Guinea Pig Sneezes

    I've had a baby guinea pig for about a month now and the whole time I've been noticing she sneezes. It's usually never excessive, but yesterday she sneezed four times close together. Today it was once. She doesn't seem to have any other symptoms of a URI. She eats like a horse and drinks. She...
  13. Mishatoe

    My Guinea Pig Spazzes Out When Out Of Cage

    I've had a guinea pig for about a month now and she's only a baby. I've noticed that when she's out of her cage she goes completely bonkers. Rolling, jumping, running around crazily. She does not like being touched outside of her cage, but when she's in it I can pet away. Does anyone know what...
  14. Kasey

    Help New Guinea Pig Won't Eat, Drink, Or Move

    hello, I just got a 6 month old guinea pig today. I can understand that he is nervous, as he is shaking at different times, not moving, eating, or drinking. However, this foes concern me as I am beginning to worry about his overall health. We have checked all of the areas needed to see if he is...
  15. Sara’s Piggies

    Need Advice Quick

    I found a year old female guineapig on craiglist a woman is trying to get rid of. It's never been with other piggies other than when it was a baby. I currently have two 4 month old guineapigs. I would love to give this guineapig a good home with friends. It makes me sad it's been by itself. Do...
  16. C

    How Much Veggies?

    I have 3 sows, 2 are about 13 weeks and the other one is about 8 weeks. How much veggies should I give per pig, per day (in grams or cups) If you could tell me what you would feed them and portion sizes everyday (For example how much of a cucumber?) Today I am giving them; 1/8 cup pellets x3...
  17. ginnyweasley

    Feeding Baby Guniea Pigs?

    I don't own guinea pigs yet but I plan on getting two young ones. I read that it's best to give young pigs alfalfa instead of the usual timothy hay, I plan on giving them alfalfa pellets should I still give them alfalfa hay as well or is that overkill? Also if I should give them alfalfa hay does...
  18. Elgifu321

    Are My Baby Boars Healthy Weights?

    some of you followed my Guinea pig Oswyns story, he passed away last week unfortunately so I was left with a lonely pig in need of a friend asap. I reached out to rescues first for boar dating but none anywhere up to an hour or 2 drive away seemed to have any solo boars so I resorted to...
  19. Josie

    Is My New Guinea Pig Sick?

    I got my GP yesterday at a store. He is a long-haired est. 2 month old piggy. I have gone to the medical emergency site and everything else but nothing seems to be giving me answers! I even called the local vet and they couldn't tell me anything! He sneezes a couple times an hour, when I put him...
  20. Ebaker6pigs

    Please Help! - Weak Baby

    On 5/7/16 one of my sows had 5 babies. One of them has always been smaller but Today I've found it very weak. It won't suckle from mum and won't eat solid food. Not sure if I should hand feed nor what to feed it?