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  1. jessiejazz

    Teeth Chattering

    Hi all! I just recently adopted a new guinea pig from a guinea pig rescue -- they observed him to be happier when alone in a cage as opposed to with a companion so they asked that I adopt him out on his own, though I'm home all the time with virtual schooling and work from home, so he's going to...
  2. S

    Biting baby guinea pig

    Hello, I hope someone can give me some advice. I have a 13 week old Peruvian sow. I’ve had her for just over a month end she’s always been very hyperactive (even when I bought her home she was climbing the cage like a spider pig) Over the last 2 weeks she’s started frequently nipping (she’s...
  3. nonscripta

    Double Checking Normal Behaviour

    Hiya! My boys are about 2 and a half months old now; I just wanted to make sure I've nothing to worry about in their behaviour. For background, they have a two story cage that's about 1.5 by .5 metres, but they're only in there at night. In the day they can freely wander a large section of the...
  4. Y

    Sheep has been acting weird lately...

    My sweet boy Sheep (he's a male, about a year and a half old) has been acting completely unlike himself lately. He's never been a huge fan of being picked up, but lately he either sits there & chatters his teeth if you're anywhere near him or he looks terrified all the time. He won't stop hiding...
  5. wheek!guinea

    shy guinea pig

    I have 2 boars, both almost the same age by a few weeks. I got Glacier when he was 3 months and Koji when he was 5 months. Glacier has always been outgoing and not afraid of loud noises or people approaching him, he's curious and gets a lot of zoomies. Koji is the opposite. Even if I approach...
  6. B

    Pig won't stop squeaking

    My guinea pig Bisky (3 and a half years old) has had some kidney issues this past year. She's had some UTI's and has been on antibiotics, and most recently, probiotics to aid her gut health. She's always been a squeaky pig, but as soon as we got her off the probiotic she's been squeaking bloody...
  7. C.Courtney0310

    Shy Piggie Becoming Dominant?

    Hi guys I'm kind of confused since I got my piggies about a month ago and I'm pretty sure they were really young(I got them at a pet store) since they were about 310gs, but werent underweight, I checked their ribs to make sure. They're now about 430gs and I'm pretty sure they're in the teenager...
  8. R

    Do my Guinea Pig's get along?

    I have two young Guinea Pigs, one boy and one girl, and two newly adopted older girl Guinea Pigs. they live in the same enclosure, and I am just wondering if what I am seeing is normal herd behavior or if it is a cause for worry. The young boy rumble struts a lot. Him and one of the older girls...
  9. Jasmined

    Super timid girl to big brave piggie

    Has any one ever had a really timid guinea pig suddenly get really brave? I have a relatively young sow who was THE most timid pig I’ve ever come across, I did my best to make her comfortable with people, other GPs, noises whatever (she was scared of everything haha) and she didn’t show very...
  10. wheek!guinea

    Chewing on chloroplast

    My guinea pig recently just started to chew on the edge of the chloroplast and I'm not sure why :(. Unlimited timothy hay, lots of lap and floor time, hideys and I try and move things around in the cage for mental stimulation every so often. His cage pal doesn 't do this as often but for both...
  11. wheek!guinea

    Type of noise

    What does it mean when a guinea pig chews loudly when you hold it? I know what chattering sounds like and this isn't it. It's almost like he's chewing on left over food, but I notice him grinding his teeth or chewing, whenever he's held. Maybe he is eating left over food or maybe nervous? :hmm:
  12. J

    Successful bonding?

    Hi, I was hoping you could help with understanding my guineapigs' behaviour better. I have 2 6month old females who are bonded and recently got another older female to join the group. I followed the bonding advice and I think they bonded fine as they're happy eating together and sleeping next to...
  13. Nattzzz

    Don’t touch my neck!

    Cinnamon hates his neck touched! If you even lay your finger under or near his neck he will bite you. I’ve had sooo many people get scared of him or think he’s a bad animal because they’ve touched his neck and he snapped (even after I warned them.. :doh:) He’s been like this since I’ve gotten...
  14. ashleemelda

    Sudden Dominance Behaviors

    I got my girls, Moira and Rose, back in May, so 7 months ago now. Within the past month, they have started exhibiting dominance behaviors that I have never seen up until this point. For example, they both rumblestrut around each other pretty much constantly throughout the day, Rose sprays urine...
  15. Erinmartinx

    Guinea pig likes dog food?

    Evening everyone, I’ve recently noticed one of my girls likes to eat dry dog food. Whenever I get them out she’ll always run over to the dog bowl and start eating it. I remove the bowl now when they’re out but I don’t know if it would of caused any harm. She only had a few bits. thanks in advance.
  16. retro

    Worried about one of my boys.

    Good news and bad news. the bad news? Bowie, my youngest, has gotten a fluffy fur face. This happened right before Nibbler died. (He died of what is assumed bloat, Bowie isn’t showing signs of bloat.) Now, Bo is about I want to say 8-9 months old. The reason I’m telling you this is because this...
  17. hrsrdr

    Should I get my piggy a sibling?

    I have a male guinea pig that's five years old. I'd really like to get him a friend, but I'm not sure if a male or female is better. I'm not looking to breed, so I'm a little skeptical on a female. Any advice for getting him a sibling?
  18. Alexemond97

    Boar bites my face

    Hi, Often, when I’m having lap time with my oldest guy, he seems to go crazy and starts « attacking » my face. He wheeks and comes running toward my face and tries to bite me. He always did that eversince he is young but I never understood why. I don’t think he hates me, because he will come see...
  19. D

    Weird chirping noises

    I’ve had my guinea pig, Martin, for about 2 years now and he just started making these weird chirping noises almost like a bird. I took a video and it will be below. Please help. He’s never made these noises before. He’s just chilling in the corner of his cage and I’m worried. I googled it and...
  20. S

    Guinea pig rumbling at me?

    Hey everyone! So I have 3 piggies and i’ve noticed for a few weeks my dominant piggy (the orange one) has started to rumble at me when I open the cage. He is the most outgoing and allows pets if he feels like it and comes up to me regularly, but for some reason he’s been distant. I’ve seen where...