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  1. GeorgiaHarris

    Should I separate them at night?

    Today I have introduced my two boars (one is 4 months old and the other is 4 years old). They seem to be okay and my younger piggie seems to be the more dominant one and my older piggie doesn’t really care that much. They’ve been together for about 5 and a half hours and I haven’t had any...
  2. V

    Was Getting My Boar A Friend A Bad Decision?

    Hi all! I am hoping that you might be able to help me out with my piggy concerns. I adopted a guinea pig boar about a year ago and due to mixed opinions on whether to find him a friend, I have only recently adopted a 3 month old boar. I completed the quarantine and bonding steps, but I have...
  3. winniethepooh

    Crunched Up In A Corner All Day!

    My older guinea pig, Jake, is always teeth chattering around Winnie, the younger one, and always chases him around. Now, Winnie stays in a corner all day and I don't think he's eating. He even poops and pees there and just stays there. I think it has something to do with Jake chasing him around...
  4. Shauni

    Needing A 3rd Piggie?

    Dear everyone, I wonder if i need to buy a third guinea pig. My oldest piggie simba (2 years) recently lost her friend and she has a new friend for 2 months now (she is 4 months old). They really like eachother, but my oldest should be the leader only she is not fit for it. Simba has always...
  5. Sam Kitcher

    Guinea Pig Boars Fighting Over Dominance

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post on the forums and I have a problem as well as a question that I cannot find an answer to anywhere. I have four guinea pigs and they are all males. My friend (the owner of my pigs' parent pigs) assured me that they should get on fine as they are all brothers...
  6. bruceandwillis

    Strange Behavior/what The Heck Is Going On?

    My three year old male named Humperdinck has been acting strange since last night. I have a 2x4 c&c cage at the moment with hay and water located on the left side of the cage. Recently, he has been scared to death of that side of the cage. He's been cowering in the back of the cage, and every...
  7. Pigsneedlovetoo

    Rumblestrutting By Himself?!

    My dominant piggy, Jack, ran up the ramp to the loft last night and started rumblestrutting and vigorously rubbing his whole face in the fleece while his back end was popcorning...I've never seen this before. Any ideas about why? It was very strange.
  8. Kath Thompson

    Castration And Behaviour

    I have a few questions on castration and would be grateful for any help or experience people have on this matter. I currently have two boars who live happily together but Toby is fast approaching 6 years old whilst Jack is only about two and a half. Thinking of the future, as I don’t expect Toby...
  9. Arwen

    New Piggie Ice Breaking

    Hi! I'm super new to the whole guinea pig owner thing and I'm having a small problem. My piggie is not used to being held and every time I tried to take her out she would avoid me like crazy! I'm beginning to think that she is still not adapt to the new home even though we got her around two...
  10. Elke

    Three Boars - Our Current Situation/ Thank You Guys! :)

    So I posted a thread 3 weeks ago (here's a link: Introducing New (male) Guinea Pig - Advice Needed) and just wanted to make an update thread about my current situation as a warning and advice for anyone that is thinking about making a trio :) After first introduction and separating our piggies...
  11. PerpLexxity

    Butt Throwing?

    Hey everybody, So yesterday I *tried* to put my two boars together and one of them did this thing with thier butt. I can only describe it as a butt throw. He threw his butt sideways at the other pig with his body at a ‘C’ angle. I’ve tried to research this bahavior but all I got was pee...
  12. PerpLexxity

    Testing My Patience Ooooo

    Hello everybody, So today while I was cleaning the guinea pigs cage Gizmo decided to jump out of their playpen! He’s jumped out of his cage before *it now has a top dont worry* but never their playpen smh. Cleaning the cage is the job I hate most but of course I do it in a timely manner...
  13. S

    Two Females Fighting I’m Heartbroken!

    Ok so I have had one female for about 8 months and a month ago got another young female for her. Fina is about 9 months old and Phoebe is about 3 months. I introduced the correctly on neutral grounds a few times before housing they together. Fina immediately established herself as the dominant...
  14. LDs_mom

    Mixed Signals: Troublemaker Personality Or Genuinely Angry?

    So I got my piggy Lieutenant Dan (aka Dan Halen) a few months ago (he may be an Abyssinian? He is my profile photo)) and even though he's still young and likely hormonal, I'm not sure if his current behaviors are just his young personality or if it sounds like he is actually not content. So...
  15. E

    Please Help Me Help Her!

    Hi, my name is Emily. A few months ago, I fell in love with a guinea pig at a pet store. I didn't get her then, but about a month later I went back to get bedding or something and she was still there. Long story short, I got her and love her so very very much. I have never had guinea pigs...
  16. Piggy996

    My Piggy Doesn't Have A Buddy But I Hope We Can Make Up For That

    Hi people, I got my Piggy a month ago from a pet shop. Since the shop was in another town, we had to put him in the car and drive him. I was very afraid how will he endure it, but it was okay. He was in the same place with rabbits in the store, so I guess that he was lonely and scared and that...
  17. B

    Interested In Your Stories!

    Any other usual behaving guineas out there or do we have the only one? Tale 1: Benji.. black and wait short haired. Pretty sure Benji thinks he's a human, he hated his previous housemate with a passion, and now his new friend hasn't faired any better, he rumbles at the sight of him, becomes so...
  18. court29x

    Nibbling And Flipping On Side

    The smaller piggy of my two 7 week olds, Beansprout, flips onto her side and nibbles quite frequently when being handled, we've tried to handle them calmly and gently, and we've put her behaviour down to being young or perhaps needing a wee or poo when being handled, but the other piggy, Noodle...
  19. Mishatoe

    My Guinea Pig Spazzes Out When Out Of Cage

    I've had a guinea pig for about a month now and she's only a baby. I've noticed that when she's out of her cage she goes completely bonkers. Rolling, jumping, running around crazily. She does not like being touched outside of her cage, but when she's in it I can pet away. Does anyone know what...
  20. AdamFrench

    Ear Biting

    I'm looking for a bit of advice please.. Our two sows were bonded a couple of months ago following the loss of both their companions. One very dominant and the other quite placid and this has been clear since they were bonded. No major issues other than ensuring the hierarchy is still settled...