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  1. Aubrey&Lup'sMum

    **Tiny poops (1/5 size as usual)**

    I am going to get the girls into an exotic vet tomorrow asap (it's about 1am here), but in the meantime I need some advice! I'm getting so worried I'm wondering if I should stay up all night with them. Tonight I realised that my girl Lup has been doing poops all day that are tiny, about 1/4 or...
  2. Griselle

    Help! Guinea Pig Bloated?

    So, I have had Shadow for over a year. Oreo and Shadow have never had problems with lettuce nor tomatoes. Today as I was changing their cage, I noticed Shadow looked extremely bloated, but Oreo did not. I have always fed them timothy hay, but today I ran out, and had to wait for my fiance to...
  3. Williams15

    Worried About Bloat!

    Hi, I'm new to this site so apologies if there is already an existing topic on this. I own two sows who are three years old. Yesterday I was giving them cucumber when I noticed one of my guinea pigs, who is the bigger of the two, had a slightly swollen stomach. At first I thought she may have...
  4. Strawb

    Post Op

    Hey guys, I'm absolutely devastated my baby boy Sonic passed away early hours after an intense two weeks. Just for peace of mind has anyone had previous experience where their pig hasn't recovered from an op? After reading threads online I feel like more could have been done to avoid this...
  5. hayleyface

    How Do I Care For My Bloat Survivor? I'm A Bit Scared..!

    River was rushed to the out of hours vet last night with severe bloat. After several hours of waiting to be seen, she was eventually put in an oxygen tank and treated via drip. She has perked up considerably, has started pooping again and has been munching away happily. The vet had fed her on...
  6. Beans&Toast

    Toast Needs To Be Spayed (i Think).

    My vet and I have agreed today that it would be sensible to spay Toast. I'm really having second thoughts though and would appreciate your opinions on this as I'm terrified about it. (I apologise in advance as it's quite a long read) For over a year now Toast has been having hormonal issues...
  7. J

    Urgent - Possible Bloating And Constipation In Female Guinea Pig?

    My guinea pig Mocha is a 1 year old female. I noticed teardrop shaped and mushier poops about 2 days ago, and today, I witnessed her assuming the poo position and making soft squeaky wheeking noises. She is eating normally, almost always at the hay or the food bowl. She is also behaving...
  8. Beans&Toast

    Toast Needs Yet Another Dental Op.

    Toast is booked in for Thursday to have her teeth done again, but I don't know if it's the right thing to go ahead with it. This will be the 5th time in just over a year and the 2nd time in the space of 3 months. She has almost constant bloat which seems to be causing dental issues. Or maybe...
  9. Carla&Glitch

    Mysterious Case Of Bloat

    Recently two of my gorgeous piggies have died because of a mysterious bloating. I would appreciate any advice or experiences that might help save my last remaining piggie. This has been the most horrible month. I'll give you some background on how we keep our pigs and what has happened since...
  10. MunchCrunch&Co

    Massive Piggy - Bloating?

    Hiya First time posting on here. I adopted 2 female guinea pigs 3 weeks ago. Once of them (Muffin) was much bigger than the other (Puffin) but I kind of went with the idea that she was a bit overweight. When I posted a photo online of her last week I got many people telling me she looked...
  11. peach

    Quite Sow Jing With Bloating Issue

    I adopted a sow Jing on Sept 10. Even though I had three guinea pigs before but I made mistakes on how to make her adjust to her new home. One different thing about Jing is she does not make any noise when she is in the cage or handled. Her foster told me that most time she just sat there...