blood in pee

  1. H

    Female guinea pig - thick white discharge and blood in urine ?

    I’m Building a new bed in my room so I took the guinea pigs out and decided to clean them out while doing so. I’ve emptied their wood shavings out and left them in their empty c&c cage ready to move it back into my room so I can put new wood shavings in.. that’s how I’ve been able to see the...
  2. merrypiglets

    Older piggie not feeling well/agitated with cage mate?

    Gizmo is my pig who I've had for the past 5 years. He has also lived with his cage mate Captain for that entire time. Until the past year Gizmo was always the very healthy one out of my pigs. He's the more dominant pig in the cage with Captain and they have had some small dominance battles in...