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boar behaviours

  1. Dystopoly

    Sudden Aggression/Humping after almost a Year of Peace?

    I have two boys currently being housed together in a custom C&C cage that’s 4x2 with an extra 1x2 space to the side, along with a 2x2 (talking in panels, not feet. I believe each panel is about 11-13 inches?) upstairs area. They’re brothers and have been housed together since they were born, and...
  2. M

    4 Boars! Advice needed

    Hello, I have 4 Boars. 2 are 3 years old and the other 2 are around 5months old. They get on really well, apart from the odd rumble strutting with the older guys. My problem/query is that they have a very very large double hutch but only seem to stay upstairs and mainly in their bedroom. I have...
  3. P

    Rumblestrutting at everything!

    Hi all, I got two beautiful male piggies in August this year, one is a year old and the other is about 7 months, I adopted them and they'd lived together even before me, the older one is definitely the dominant one and the younger never challenges him, however my older piggie constantly...
  4. proudpigmom

    Is this normal?

    From what I read, I think it is because they are both young (6 months and 4 months) males but I want to double check my specific situation. I got one pig from a family who was going to send him to a rescue when he was about 3 months and he was fairly aggressive and not friendly. After 3 months...
  5. Jeslubur

    Introducing a female guineapig

    Hi everyone! I’m looking for a bit of advice as we’ve had a situation with our boar pigs which has resulted in us having to separate one of them. We had three boars together and over the past month or so they’ve fallen out. I’ve deduced that they started to get territorial as they have reached...
  6. Svmmertim3

    Aggressive boars that have already bonded?

    Hi there! My five month old boar, Poseidon, has recently started fighting with my fifteen month old boar, Orion, and I’m absolutely perplexed as to why. They’ve been bonded since Poseidon was just a pup, and I’ve never had any problems with them being violent with each other. I’ve recently...
  7. B

    Constant Mounting! Is This Normal?

    My 2.5 year old boar Harry is recently bereaved so I got him a new male friend, Tufty, who the lady at the adoption centre reckoned is about 1.5- 2 years old. I did the introductions 2 weeks ago and after Tufty spent a full evening showing his dominance by mounting Harry incessantly, they...
  8. F

    Nipping Behaviors

    Hello, I recently introduced a male skinny pig (Ron, ~2 months old) to a slightly older male guinea pig (Abby, ~4 months old) and so far they seem to be getting along. Ron is quite submissive and Abby is very dominant so its a pretty good pairing, I think. The only thing I'm concerned with is...
  9. P

    Sick Guinea, Weird Behaviour?

    Hi, Jasper, one of my guinea Pigs has gotten ill, looks like kidney stones or old age, as is pretty old now and losing condition. He was a rescue and is a very anxious guinea pig so I am just making him comfortable and happy for the time he has left. However today I noticed some really odd...
  10. T

    Possible Bullying Amongst My New Young Cavy And Existing Cavy

    Hey there! So in November I adopted Hank (I renamed him to Rodney from Dr. Dolittle) from a nice woman and her daughters, unfortunately one of her daughters was allergic to him so they had to give him up. He’s about a year old. Once I got him home I didn’t know the first thing about guinea...
  11. P

    Baths And Boar Behavior

    We have 2 boars one an adult not sure hos age as he was adopted as am adult and the other about 2 to 3 months old maybe. We bonded them and everything has been fine. They other day I bathe the adults bum and grease gland he had poo smoothed all around his bum area and stuck in thr. They other...
  12. Jesse's pigs

    Videos To Help Those Who May Be Thinking Of Bonding Guinea Pigs.

    So I hope these help (other then being adorable LOL) but basically thought I'd share some videos of the behaviour I noticed from Mo when I introduced Steve. Of course I'm sure you will all note the size difference (Steve isn't that small anymore :( ) but you'll also see what many members and...
  13. Lizzie24

    Fallen Out Boars

    Hi I am after some advice. I have 2 boars brothers 17months old. Had them since they were babies and they have got along well until the last couple of months where they have started fighting :( They have always shown quite a bit of dominance behaviour but recently had 2 bad fights where they...
  14. BenjiAndButtons

    Bitey Barney

    Hi there! To anyone that can offer some help or guidance. We are not first time owners, but have never had this problem before: Our newest piggy, Barney, is around 20 weeks, and over the past few weeks he has become very bitey, not just to our older piggy but towards us too. Whatever it is...
  15. N

    Rescue Piggies And Dominance

    Hi, New to the forum and wondering if anyone could give a bit of advice. We got ours two boys from a rescue place on Sunday. Both are around 2 years old and have been together a long time. Everything's been fine for the most part, they're really happy to be handled, etc. However, we noticed...
  16. Gus&Gibby

    New Guinea Owner, Help&tips

    Hello! I am new to owning guinea pigs. I've had everything under the sun and this is my first time having guinea pigs. Last week I got a male 2 month old guinea pig and named him gus and today I got another 2 month old male guinea pig from the same place and named him Gibby. Now I have been...
  17. RJade


    my two board have just reached 6 months, they're doing a lot of rumbling and nosing off etc. Is t just waiting for it to pass? I've read the advice on this thread backwards but just want to check that unless they're drawing blood, you leave them to figure it out?
  18. S

    Guinea Pig Weight

    Would you say this is a healthy weight gain or should I put them on a "diet"? Wed, 22nd Feb Boar - Gizmo - 5 Months - 903g Female - Pip - 5 Months - 710g Female - Miffy - 2 Months - 371g Wed, 1st March Gizmo - 5 Months - 950g Pip - 5 months - 755g Miffy - 2 months - 391g And does anyone...
  19. fueloficarus

    Bereaved Question

    Hello all. New here. Yes, I read the above threads, but as you all know when this happens you still have to ask. So, we lost a pig yesterday. Truffles. He died very quickly, as did his brother (actual brother, from the same litter, who passed away about 4 months ago). They were bought from a...
  20. RJade


    I bought my guinea pigs from what was suppose to be a reputable breeder. I've had a lot of problems with them since having them 4 weeks ago. A lot of them were diet and health related, I have either resolved or they are resolving. My biggest worry and problem right now is a dominance problem...