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boar bonding

  1. L

    Broken bond - what can I do?

    For several months now I've had a peaceful trio of boars. The youngest of them is three and they were all well out of hormonal phases when I got the third (Nussi) - the two first are father (Angel) and son (Storm). It's been going great up until now - no fights, barely any dominance behaviours -...
  2. Olivitree

    Boar pair in a room with sows?

    Hello there, Barely even a day after losing his girlfriend really unexpectedly, my little boar Cinnamon (not 100% on his age, between 4 and 6 I think) is looking really sad and scared. I'm desperately looking around for another sow but really struggling. He's completely changed personality...
  3. TheGuineaPiggeryat9

    Rescue Boars should we bond

    Hi, I have agreed to take on 2 older boars from my partners family member who’s unfortunately passed away recently. We have been told that they were originally 2 pairs but one of each pair has now passed away. They were informed that they are around 4/5 years old not to bond them as they were...
  4. C

    Successfully Bonded?

    Hi So I have two boars that I've been working on bonding for months now. They are housed in side by side runs and I've been getting them out in a neutral area for play sessions. They are finally showing signs of being happy together (i.e laying down together, sharing hay etc), but I don't...
  5. L

    Getting a third boar - how do I proceed?

    I will be getting a third boar in a week or two. He's a senior piggie I'm taking in because his brother died about a year ago, and his owners can't give him the attention he needs. I already have two boars that get along okay, but aren't super good friends. The plan is to place their cages flush...
  6. M

    Male guinea pig humping other Male guinea pig face?..

    So I have two guinea pigs one is 5 months and the other is a year and 8 months the older one keeps humping his face and idk why :/
  7. Pemberleypiggies

    Help! 2 Boars constantly fighting, but no blood drawn

    Hi guys! I rescued two skinny pigs from a local rescue in February. They are going to be two years old in July. I know that boys can be aggressive with each other, but I’m having a hard time determining if what I’m seeing warrants separating. One is specifically the bully, and the other never...
  8. Grand Guinea Pigs

    Sheba Mini Yak Guinea Pig Info

    Hello, Whilst looking for a friend for Aegir, I have found two adorable male 'Sheba Mini Yak' guinea pigs and was hoping to find some information about the breed and daily care. Have any of the other members on here owned this breed? Aegir is 2.5 years old, but he can be a bit jumpy so while...
  9. CavyL0ver

    Bonding baby boars

    I'm currently bonding my boars and its going well. I have not heard a single teeth chatter, only rumbling, mounting, and chasing. It has only been 30 minutes, and in the past 5 minutes I have not heard any dominance behaviors. Do you think its safe for me to put them back together? If not, then...
  10. Z

    Boy to girl ratio

    Hello all! I currently have 3 lovely ladies and 1 neutered man-of-the-house. I recently took in a neglected piggy. I won’t go into her living conditions, but I was glad to get her out. She been with us for a few days and doing really well! And I had plans to start dating her with the group and...
  11. M

    Bonding three boys

    So I've been making a large (13sq foot) cage, for my two boys, both around a year old (I adopted them at 5-6 months nearly 5 months ago, and I called the pet store the previous owner got them from and they said they estimated the pigs they sell to be between 8-12 weeks, so they're between 12-14...
  12. C

    Bonding Males - not bad, but not great?

    We adopted a guineapig and she ended up pregnant with a little boy. So we are attempting to find a bond for him. We neutered him and turns out he is clearly has only child syndrome and seems to be pretty opinionated. He got along with all but one girl and bullied her to the point he needed...
  13. K

    Do I need to permanently separate my 2 boars?

    Hi, new to the forum but had a lot of read about, and was hoping for some advice. Me and my partner have had a couple of boars for about 2 weeks now, and we are still very new to guinea pig parenting. They are about 4-6 months old. We know that this is their early teenage years that are...
  14. Jesse's pigs

    Query - Possibly failed bond?

    So I felt I would know if a bond has failed but I’m unsure. As you know I recently welcomed my new addition Stitch for Steve. I returned home from work today and Steve has a scratch on his nose and a tiny tiny speck of a scratch near his eye. It’s not a wound I’m concerned about. It’s not deep...
  15. frennan

    Issues with 2 young Boars

    Hello, We just recently adopted two young boars, around 6 months and 7months old and everything has been fine until the other night, they started fighting pretty bad and I had to put a divider in their cage. I know some amount of rambunctiousness is normal, but one of them lost a decent chunk...
  16. Jesse's pigs

    New addition!

    Figured I would start a thread to document the newest adventure I’m about to have with my piggy friends. I am bringing home a baby boar tomorrow in the hopes that Steve will tolerate one who is smaller than himself especially if he has another bout of bloat in the future. Once I have...
  17. G

    Bonding 3rd guinea pig

    Hi! I have 2 boars living in a 6ft*2ft c&c with an extra 2ft*2ft to make it an L shape (total 16 square ft). They’re both around 8 months old. Today in my local pet shop I saw they have a lone boar (looked small so about 2 months I’d assume) who I instantly fell in love with. I know it can be...
  18. denverguineas

    How long to wait after separation to begin boar dating?

    My two lovely boars recently had a falling out, and after a couple days of trial separation I have decided to separate them permanently. The underboar has perked up noticeably and the more dominant boar has been doing zoomies all day enjoying his uninterrupted cage space. The underboar seems...
  19. A

    Boar Chasing - How much is too much?

    Hello, I have two bonded boars who are just over 3 years old. Trying to add a third to the mix (Fabio, ~6 months old). The introductions went well. The dominant pig (Boe) did his thing and was good to go. His bonded mate (Joey) was relatively subdued during the initial introductions. After a nap...
  20. S

    Bonding Boars- Need Advice

    Hello! I adopted Charlie in February and he’s now a nearly fully grown boar. Knowing he needed a friend, about a month ago I adopted Wilber, a 3 month old boar. After a three week quarantine, they met in a huge room. I had a blanket, hay, vegetables, and all the necessary items. At this point...