1. RachelLaura2012

    Bonding 2 Males

    Hi, We got our first boar Dwight in Autumn 2019 - he was recommended to be homed individually because he was apparently bullied and when we got him, he had a couple of recovering cuts on his face. We kept him alone until January to see how he developed and he was doing well. He was lively and...
  2. Opossum_fur

    Boar bonding advice

    Hey guys, in my last two threads I talked about how my guinea pig Hobbes has passed away. Calvin Was Hobbes cage mate and he was the dominant male while Hobbes was more of a chilled guy. I recently found somebody who can no longer care for their 7 month old guinea pig and I offered to take him...
  3. Opossum_fur

    Need advice I think my piggy is depressed?

    Hello, I just made a post last night about my poor Hobbes in the Health and Wellness thread. Sadly my poor baby passed away last night and I’m heartbroken :( Hobbes was bonded to another male I have named Calvin. I’m starting to notice now that Calvin eats a bit less now before he would run to...
  4. S

    Grouping advice

    Hi, I have 3 New Guinea pigs and I’m looking for advice on grouping. They are a 14 month boar and his two 6 week sons. They have been paired for a while as I am told that previous attempts to pair him with other babies had not worked out. I am told that one of the babies that I own stood up to...
  5. Ariana M

    Need your opinion!

    Hello! I am not a guinea pig owner, but this is my story of how I met Mac, my boyfriend's guinea pig. I had the chance to visit my bf mum this week and she has taken care of Mac since my bf moved out. We were asked to give him and his friend Cookie a bath, and since then Mac the guinea pig has...
  6. eve1234s

    My mom thinks Guinea Pigs can live alone

    My mom insists that everyone saying Guinea Pigs need to be kept in pairs are lying. Before I was educated on pigs, I had only one female for about four years before getting her a companion. She was an amazing and super friendly guinea pig, so my mom insists that they can and should be kept alone...
  7. denverguineas

    How long to wait after separation to begin boar dating?

    My two lovely boars recently had a falling out, and after a couple days of trial separation I have decided to separate them permanently. The underboar has perked up noticeably and the more dominant boar has been doing zoomies all day enjoying his uninterrupted cage space. The underboar seems...
  8. Domzalm1

    Girl and Boy bonding

    Hi everyone, wondered if someone can help. I have just introduced a boy to a girl yesterday. They have bren with me for a while. Boy was neutered good few months back and i have decided to put them together now (yeeey) but.... as expected there was a lot of humping and rumbling some teeeth...
  9. Barnyard Boars


    Since roughly around yesterday 10am, I have been bonding my Harvey (aprox a year) with a new baby pig (aprox 1 month) Milton, I didn’t read up enough and thought washing Harvey’s blankets and wiping down a bit would be enough to put Milton in his cage, stupid now that I know. They were NOT...
  10. Lilythepig2017

    How Will Bond Change When 2nd Pig Added?

    hello So I’d like to get a second pig in next couple months for our four month old girl. She zooms around, plays, jumps onto my lap for snuggles and sleeps on my lap while I read or watch movies. She comes when I call her name. When a second one is added can I expect some of this to change...
  11. Arwen

    New Piggie Ice Breaking

    Hi! I'm super new to the whole guinea pig owner thing and I'm having a small problem. My piggie is not used to being held and every time I tried to take her out she would avoid me like crazy! I'm beginning to think that she is still not adapt to the new home even though we got her around two...
  12. J

    Cute Bonding Video Done At London Rescue

    Check it out here: I went to volunteer at a Rescue in London. I like volunteering because at the moment I'm so busy that I can't have any Pigs of my own. They're a small rescue but they're fantastic. They save the lives of abused and abandoned Guinea Pigs and it would mean a lot to me if you...
  13. court29x

    Scared Our Piggies Will Forget Us!

    Me and my boyfriend are going on holiday with my family for 5 days in July so the girlies are staying with my older sister who has had guinea pigs before and currently has 2 rabbits, I'm just worried that they will forget me and my boyfriend and lose that bond that we've been slowly achieving...
  14. Merrypigs Sanctuary

    Wish Them Luck!

    Now that Darwin and Jake are well settled and lice free, it's time to see if they want to be friends! Things have been going well, they have even snoozed together! Both boys came from homes where they lived alone so I really hope they get on. Wish the boys luck!
  15. L

    Building Bonds

    Hi everyone, I have just adopted (or better: I took them in and I am going to keep them until they find a permanent home) two 1-year-old boars from a local animal shelter. I've had them for a week, and I think we're making progress: they eat from my hands, they tolerate (I am not sure they...