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bonding a herd

  1. J

    3 Male Boars

    Hi all, Apologies for the lengthy message in advance: Call me crazy but I have three male young boars. One of them is cookie which I have had since he was little he’s just over one year old and now moo and ginger who are a pair and their ages are undetermined but they look about 6 months old...
  2. dannif_piggies

    Bonding Two Sow Pairs

    Hey everyone, so in the early new year, I am hoping to attempt the bonding of my two sow pairs, Honey and Willow joining with Lois and Laine. I have one successful previous experience, bonding baby Willow (then 13 weeks) with 6 year old Honey. Apart from this I have no other experience about...
  3. kyliebowers

    How Long Should I Let Them Work It Out?

    Hi everyone, I've posted about bonding my pigs already, but would like some more advice please... I have four sows and am introducing a boar. I have taken it slowly and had them living next to each other for about 4 weeks. I have introduced them a few different times but have separated for...
  4. Newpiggiemom

    New Piggie Mom, Help Please

    Hi everyone, I stumbled across this site after my endless google searching and I’m glad I can finally just share my own story. Let me start from the beginning. I’ve wanted pigs all my life and now I’m in my 20’s and finally got my dream! About 3 months ago I got two male pigs (from the same...
  5. D

    Bonding A New Boar With Established Couple Of Boars

    Hi there, I recently adopted the most calm and beautiful little boy. My hope is to integrate him with my two current boys, who get on well together and never had any problem. There is a definite dominant in the pair, but they are respectful to each other. They were all introduced together...
  6. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Spoke Too Soon, Issues Bonding!

    So over night they seemed to be fine, checked them all over everyone was good. Just now there was a bit of a scuffle (Drom had cornered Iggy and he was trying to get away). After several loud crashes and bangs it was over quickly and Drom doesn't appear to have injuries but Iggy has splits in...
  7. Cavy Kung-Fu

    So Far A Happy Wedding Day!

    The big day is finally here, it's going so well that I'm not sure where the hierarchy lies. I'm not even sure they know he's there til he gets personal and licks their lady parts :vom: :)) He is so excited, he's not even interested in a hierarchy. He's just happy to be there bless him XD...
  8. fourcavies

    Where Do I Start

    Our old boar died in March and so I decided in the school holidays to get some new babies as we had lots of equipment! I now have 4 small boars, unfortunately, we came down to a bloody nose which needed antibiotics so we bought a new 2 story cage to separate out the little ones until we could...
  9. 5littlecavies

    Rebonding Male With Females - Please Help.

    Hi everyone, I didn't see a thread exactly like my situation so thought I would post one. I have a neutered male and he was living with my 3 older females which he bonded well with and they lived together for a week. Suddenly they began to fight, my male didn't fight back but 2 of my girls were...