1. D

    Unknown Insects Found

    Not sure if this is the right forum but if anyone can help I’d be really appreciative ! My pigs have a play area indoors for them to have more space during the day, usually no issues at all. However, after them being down today when I went to clear up their waste etc I spotted four or five...
  2. C

    Small long bug found in guinea pig cage?

    I found these bugs in my guineas cage, I’m treating him for some type of mite/lice not sure what. Could it be these and what is it called? So grossed out!
  3. Slapyou

    Tiny bugs

    Recently, there are tiny flies with red heads flying near my piggies' cage. I tried killing them before and some of them had blood when I smashed their head. Do you know what type of bug is this and how to get rid of them? Should I be concerned about this?
  4. Puddles1999

    Spraying for bugs with guineas?

    Good afternoon! So in my apartment complex, my boyfriend and I have been experiencing issues with more spiders and roaches as usual. It’s really nasty. However, my apartment emailed me today saying they are going to come in to our apartment on the 8th of August and spray for bugs. They require...
  5. Honey-Claw

    Tiny Bugs

    Hello! I have about seven guinea pigs which each set is in their own cage. Two of my girls, which are perfectly healthy, have been getting a ton of these little black bugs, they’re super tiny and crawl on the walls of the cage, specifically the corners of the cage. I use normal paper bedding and...
  6. Hnrpiggies

    Found tiny black bugs while cleaning cage, should I be worried?

    Cleaning out the boys two tier cage (they’re housed separate due to extreme fighting). Cleaning the second bit of the cage I saw the tiniest little black bugs ever and I’m not sure if it’s something to be concerned about. There wasn’t many at all. I’m using a disinfectant on the cage and I’m...
  7. J

    Bugs in guinnea pig cage

    Hi, have found some tiny black bugs in guinea pig cage whilst doing daily clean, they are about 1mm big. can anyone help me identify what they are and if they are harmful to the guinea pigs, if so, please let me know how to treat. The guinnea pigs hair does not seem to have any bugs on them and...
  8. Dom R

    Mite Infestation Or Something Else. Help!

    So I went outside earlier today thinking about putting my Guineapigs in their outdoor run before I go on holiday on Friday (as they might not get chance during those 2 weeks my parents/brother is looking after them), and as always I check their upstairs area and find, that although it is fresh...
  9. LisaBelfast

    Mites In My House!?

    Recently I got a dog and with it being allot warmer flies have started to come into my house more. I didnt really think nothing of it untill i squished one and saw all these little orange things run of the back of it and they were hard to kill, I have found out that these are mites. I have 5...
  10. SazzaG96

    Running Mites

    I believe my boys has got mites as i can see bug crawling in their fur! I was wondering what has caused this, is it common and how do i treat? Can i buy something to fix it or should I go straight to vet?