1. Wheek!Wheek!


    Hi everyone! today I noticed a dark red spot on my guinea pig's front left foot (see picture). we looked back later and another one had appeared on the same foot. we weren't sure if it was the beginnings of bumblefoot he is acting no different than usual and doesn't seem in pain could you tell...
  2. L

    Bumblefoot and sores on butt

    Took my Guinea pig to get checked out at the vet and they said he had bumblefoot. He has had bumblefoot since January 15. And we don't think it's getting any better. Because he keeps chewing it. We started wrapping his foot but he keeps taking it off. Then later on we noticed that he had sores...
  3. E

    New Guinea pig swollen feet

    Hi guys, yesterday I got two lovely girls called Maeve and Margo, I got them from a lady who said they were very loved and well taken care of but now I have them I can see that’s not really the truth :( they came with claws so long they intertwined with each other and their feet look swollen...
  4. J

    Bumblefoot or something else? Help!

    Hey! So I’m wondering if anyone can help, I got my pig out today and noticed this on her foot. It’s only on one foot (front) and only in this place. I’m worried it may be the start of bumblefoot but it doesn’t look much like other cases i’ve seen. Has anyone seen anything like this? Thanks in...
  5. P

    Spurs or Bumblefoot?

    Hello, I am new to this forum, but I have had guinea pigs for most of my life. One of my piggies has a spur on her front foot (no big deal), however today I noticed a bump on her other front foot. Does it look like bumblefoot? She has black spots on her pads and it makes it difficult.
  6. Piggielover101

    Bumblefoot treatment

    So I think one of my piggies has Bumblefoot, her feet are red and a bit swollen and I think there’s a scab or two on her feet. I’ve read that I need to clean the bedding regularly (I use saw dust) and use Epsom salt. Is there anything else I can do? If nothing gets better than I’ll take her to...