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cage set up

  1. L

    Broken bond! Advice please

    Hi. So I have two pigs that I bought from a pet shop at 8 weeks old in June 2023. So I think they’re just coming up to about a year old. 2 days ago they had a BIG squabble which resulted in the quieter piggy being badly injured with a cut lip, and the other more confident piggy came out fine. I...
  2. R

    Advice on how to improve

    Hello friends! I just wanted to post a picture of my current cage set up and see if there is anything I can do to it to enrich my piggies more :) I have attached images but I will explain it a bit too. Two piggies (a neutered nearly 3 year old Boar named Beemo and a nearly 5 month old Sow named...
  3. BearAndPanda


    Hiya, I'm looking to make a big cage. This cage will house 2 pigs. Would it be possible to connect two 160cm cages? Or are there any other alternatives?
  4. Bungie bunnies

    Just wondering?

    I’ve looked at the guniea pig cage sizes and know roughly how many I could have in my cage! but I was wondering on your own personal opinions my cage is 6,8ft long by 3,4ft wide with a second level of approx. 4ft x 2ft so the base is roughly 23.12 sq ft and the level is 8 sq ft so all together...
  5. Madi

    Need a New Cage Idea

    I have 3 brother Guinea pigs Ed, Al, and Mustang. About a month ago unfortunately I had to separate Ed from his brothers because they were picking on him and ended up sadly drawing blood :(. We have the C&C cage right now, the cage is split down the middle so that they can still see each other...
  6. Jennybug89

    Should I Get Her Companion Now?

    So my little Rosie is ill, with ringworm (we think) at the moment. I'm treating her and she's due back to the vet in three weeks. Before this came about I had intended on getting her a little friend. The cage is already on its way. So I'm wondering once the cage comes should I get the new...
  7. W

    Need Help

    I have two guinea pigs. They are not fully grown yet and are in a store bought cage that, as expected, isn't big enough. They do get a lot of floor time but I am aware that isn't enough. I want to build a bigger cage for them in a month or so but, even though we live in a house with plenty of...
  8. J

    Guinea Pig Bullying

    Hi all! I became a guinea pig mama two weeks ago and am new to the forum. We have two year-old boars - Tango and Hieronymous. They have always lived together however they are not related (I understand they were bought as a pair from pets at home). We got them from a family who were away often...
  9. badger2503

    First Time Piggies...bedding And Location Questions!

    Hi, I've got two boar guinea pigs reserved to pick up next month while I get everything ready for them. They're a bonded pair and their birthday is on the 5th of April 2017. I'm so excited! One is a teddy and the other is a crested (I think?). I have a couple of questions related to the space...
  10. Robynnlouu

    Piggy Room!

    hey everyone! So Ive finally persuaded my dad to let me turn one of the spare rooms into a piggy room! but I'm looking for some ideas for how it can look! If anyone has any piggy rooms or large cages can i see them please! desperately need inspiration TIA!
  11. G-Pigs Da Best


    So, in the summer I would like to make a new cage for the piggies. Something that can be very sturdy and easy to clean. I would like my budget to be around $50-100. Could you give me some websites or something. Thanks!
  12. Celine298

    Diy Cage Interior.

    My little man is as odd as they come. When I bought him, I got the largest cage in the shop and every toy/feeder/bedding you can imagine... none of them lasted, he hated them all! So I had to get my thinking cap on and figure out some alternatives! With a little rummaging around the house I...
  13. Keiko The Pig

    Preparing For My 2nd Boar

    My new cage arrives today (ordered from the site associated with my rescue who make any size C&C cage you want single or multi leveled), and on Wednesday I am off to the store to purchase another water bottle and hidey to prepare to either adopt (hopefully adopt, depends on gender of the rescues...